Two Dozen Generals and Admirals Investigated for Sexual Misconduct

Thursday, January 30, 2014
Bryan Roberts and David Uhrich (phots: U.S. Army)

If it’s not being criticized for failing to crackdown on sexual assaults, the U.S. military is enduring embarrassing revelations about senior commanders accused of sexual misconduct.


The Washington Post reports numerous generals and admirals have been accused of inappropriate sexual behavior ranging from assaults to having extramarital affairs.


“The embarrassing episodes are described in previously undisclosed files of military investigations into personal misconduct by U.S. generals and admirals,” the newspaper’s Craig Whitlock wrote. “Along with about two dozen other cases obtained by The Washington Post under the Freedom of Information Act, the investigations add to a litany of revelations about misbehaving brass that have dogged the Pentagon over the past 15 months and tarnished the reputation of U.S. military leadership.”


He added that of the 30 “partially redacted reports” received from the military, “a large majority concerned generals in the Army and Air Force.”


The Defense Department tried to address the problem two years ago, when then-Defense Secretary Leon Panetta ordered a review of ethical standards for senior military officers. That effort apparently wasn’t enough, because “even more cases” surfaced following Panetta’s edict, according to Whitlock.


In December, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel issued his own directive for an ethics review, which is supposed to teach “core values and ethical leadership” to officers.


Among the cases uncovered by the newspaper were these:


Brigadier General Bryan T. Roberts, a commander at Fort Jackson, South Carolina, was investigated last year for having multiple affairs, and was found guilty by the Army of assaulting one of his mistresses. Roberts, who had publicly warned his troops that he has “zero tolerance for sexual harassment and sexual assault,” was fined $5,000 and reprimanded, but retained his military rank. His attorney said he will soon be retiring.


Martin P. Schweitzer, a commander with the Army’s 82nd Airborne Division, was caught sending emails to other generals about U.S. Representative Renee Ellmers (R-North Carolina), in which he said she was “smoking hot” and jokingly talked about explicit sexual acts he wanted to perform with her. Schweitzer’s anticipated promotion to major general is now on hold pending a formal review.


David C. Uhrich, a one-star Air Force general, was investigated for repeatedly drinking on duty and having an affair. He has received “verbal counseling” and remains on active duty, according to an Air Force spokeswoman.

-Noel Brinkerhoff


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megadeadbeat 10 years ago
time to drag out the old bring in the new, the believers in OUR LEADER....use any means at hand but always crouch it as if its their fault not because they disagree or will not follow blindly....WE THE PEOPLE need to VOTE THEM ALL OUT... time to regain the high ground, let he who not sinned cast the first stone......
Michael 10 years ago
This is more than obvious a set up, Any officer that takes his oath seriously is going to be set up for a fall. The communists are doing what they do, if you can't see the communist take over, you drank to much of the cool aid. Remember Stalin, he used the news papers to his advantage, then when he got in control he murdered the editors and journalists, saying, anyone that would betray their country cannot be trusted.
sound awake 10 years ago
its amazing that the commander in chief of the armed forces (clinton) could have AN AFFAIR WITH A WHITE HOUSE INTERN ***IN THE WHITE HOUSE*** and he could remain in office but a general cant? sounds like a clearing out of the command structure of non-like-minded individuals who dissent from the prevailing anti/blame US first administration we have now individuals like the lt colonel last month that went on record saying that law abiding citizens should only be allowed to have bolt action rifles and single shot shotguns and that we should have a progressively increased tax on ammunition

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