Guided Missiles Missing from Guided Missile Containers Found Floating in Pacific Ocean

Monday, April 25, 2016
(photo: Getty Images)

By Associated Press


Two large shipping containers, each stamped with the words "Contains: Guided Missile," were discovered bobbing in the Pacific Ocean near the southeast Alaska island community of Craig.


Alaska State Troopers say both were empty, and information from tags attached to the boxes was sent to U.S. military authorities.


Troopers were investigating the discovery of one suspicious box Sunday when they got a radio message from a mariner that another one showed up.


Clinton Cook Sr. tells Anchorage television KTUU he was on a boat that found one of the heavy, hard plastic containers. They were going to pass it, but noticed the unusual shape, about 8-feet by 2-feet.


Troopers say an explosives ordinance team helped determine the boxes were "void of their original contents." Troopers didn't know any history of the containers.


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