Walmart Recruited FBI and Lockheed Intelligence Unit for Surveillance of Employee Union Activity

Friday, November 27, 2015
(photo: Reed Saxon, AP)

When workers at Walmart tried to unionize two years ago, company executives turned to a defense contractor and the FBI to keep track of labor organizers and supporters.


Using documents obtained from the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), Bloomberg Businessweek reported the retail giant launched a surveillance campaign targeting OUR Walmart, which organized protests in 2013 against the company.


Walmart leadership was so concerned about the union activity that “it hired an intelligence-gathering service from Lockheed Martin, contacted the FBI, staffed up its labor hotline, ranked stores by labor activity, and kept eyes on employees (and activists) prominent in the group” Susan Berfield reported for Bloomberg Businessweek.


“We are fighting for all workers to be paid a fair wage and enough hours to put food on the table and provide for our families,” Mary Pat Tifft, a Wisconsin Walmart employee of 27 years, said, according to Common Dreams. “To think that Walmart found us such a threat that they would hire a defense contractor and engage the FBI is a mind-blowing abuse of power.”


The media investigation into Walmart revealed that inside its global security operation is an Analytical Research Center (ARC), led by a former FBI officer, Ken Senser. And overseeing ARC is an executive, Steve Dozier, who used to run the Arkansas State Police. Walmart is headquartered in Bentonville, Arkansas.


ARC also took action the year before in 2012 when labor activists talked about organizing strikes on Black Friday that year, which could have hurt sales on one of the biggest shopping days of the year. “When we received word of potential strikes and disruptive activity on Black Friday 2012, that’s when we started to ask the ARC to work with us,” Karen Casey, who was in charge of Walmart’s U.S. labor relations, told the NLRB. “ARC had contracted with Lockheed leading up to Black Friday to help source open social media sites.”


Additionally, a Lockheed analyst, Christian Blandford, monitored the social media of activists in Bentonville before Walmart’s shareholder meeting two years ago.

-Noel Brinkerhoff


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sgt_doom 8 years ago
The ONLY candidates who will have the backs of Walmart employees are Dr. Jill Stein of the Green Party, and possibly Bernie Sanders, if he walks his talk (he has voted in the pass to raise the levels of H1-B visa workers, etc., so that today one-half of all IT hires are now foreign visa workers). Be advised, the FBI director, James Comey, was once chief legal counsel for Lockheed Martin -- so with Lockheed and the FBI comes former FBI types at Walmart's ARC, plus FBI personal who SHOULD be concerned with national security and counterintelligence, given their long failed record in those categories (9/11 --- see congressional after-action report on the feebs of the FBI --- Boston Marathon terrorist attack, San Bernardino terrorist attack, the deep penetration of the FBI by the Chinese intelligence, etc., etc., etc.), but instead are involved with attacks on union and union organizing. Recall that Kenneth Senser also has a background with the CIA, and be advised with every CIA-instigated overthrow of the democratically elected governments if foreign countries (Iran, Guatemala, Honduras, Indonesia, Brazil, Chile, etc.), the first to be murdered were the labor organizers, with nary a complaint from anyone within the US government (only halted under JFK's watch). Be very wary, people . . .
Sandra Lee 8 years ago
I hope the Walmart employees are aware that the one presidential candidate who has their backs is Bernie Sanders. Look at to see all the unions that have supported Sanders throughout his career.

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