Obama Justice Department Set to Overrule any State that Legalizes Marijuana

Wednesday, October 24, 2012
Deputy Attorney General James Cole

Depending on the outcome of initiatives in three states, a confrontation awaits between the U.S. Department of Justice and advocates for legalizing marijuana.


On November 6, voters in Colorado, Washington and Oregon will decide whether to legalize and tax marijuana sales. If one or more of the measures passes, and President Barack Obama is reelected, expect the Justice Department to take action to stop any state from decriminalizing the popular herb.


In an outtake in a recent interview with “60 Minutes,” Deputy Attorney General James Cole proclaimed that the federal government is prepared to stop any “dangers” associated with state-sanctioned recreational pot.


“We’re going to take a look at whether or not there are dangers to the community from the sale of marijuana and we’re going to go after those dangers,” Cole told the television news magazine.


A crackdown on drug legalization would follow other efforts by the Obama administration to shutdown medical marijuana dispensaries operating within state law in California and elsewhere.


If Mitt Romney wins the presidential election, he would probably take the same position as Obama, having stated that marijuana is a “gateway drug” and that he would fight legalization “tooth and nail.”

-Noel Brinkerhoff


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Francis Short 11 years ago
Shall we assume Drug Barons contributed to election battle and Private Prison Companies are traded on Wall Street? Then nation with world wide highest prisoner rate will continue happy sentencing tough on crime policy in order to transfer taxpayer's money even though PM Medvedev made out imprisonment is unproductive.
DaveM 11 years ago
With the number of people who die annually from the use of alcohol and tobacco, why is this even an issue? Does the government have nothing else to do with its time? I neither drink nor smoke, nor can I ever imagine using marijuana. But when we have the opportunity to take a bite out of organized crime, create a huge cash crop with both industrial and medicinal uses (with associated tax revenues), and put an end to putting people in prison for non-violent "crimes", why not take it? "The legitimate powers of government extend only to such actions as are injurious to others" --Thomas Jefferson. That should be hung over the desk of every lawmaker.
Sane 11 years ago
John, all you're hearing is what you want to hear. You've made up your mind, and I am sorry you've come to the conclusion that you have. You're still wrong though. :)
John 11 years ago
All I am hearing is a bunch of addicts saying anything that backs up "need" to continue doing drugs. Stop the war on drugs! STOP DOING DRUGS!
Dave 11 years ago
Since the number of people that has ever died from smoking marijuana still stands at ZERO, what danger could he possibly be talking about?
Biff 11 years ago
I'd like to see him try to bring it. Quit using these scare tactics to prevent a necessary change.
Luc Richard 11 years ago
The Federal law is already unconstitutional, but hey that didn't stop the feds from harassing sick patients. What are these patients thinking growing a plant for pain when opium is legal?
Edward Phillips 11 years ago
True, the 9 and 10th Amendments would overrule the Federales but because of the "Commerce Clause" taking out of its "original meaning" the See Willard v. Fickburn circa 1937 with the "Communist Court of FDR." The criminals that run this country are behind the (scenes)government and there is nothing you can do about. They can even blow up buildings right in front the whole country and get away with it. See Building Seven, the Pentagon, the Twin Towers. Money controls everything and we surrendered that in 1913 we those criminals created the Corporate State of the Federal Reserve; they are your rulers they don't care who wins an election. They just sit back and laugh at the imbeciles that think there vote will change anything. Our Constitution is Dead, it has been dead for a long time. It is a sad truth but it is a fact. Also see the government force you to purchase their really bad health insurance program. Our Chief Justice should be impeached along with the voters of this garbage legislation and tried for treason. When I come back from the dead a century now the "War on Terror" will be in full force and the enemy is you. LOL sorry about that.
Hector Gonzales 11 years ago
So this administration will intentionally ignore the legal will of the people, ignore their legal vote, and continue to inflict violence against peaceful people for the "crime" if burning a plant. If the government ignore a legal vote, if the government is not ruled by the will or consent of the governed, is it still a legal government?
Joe Bassett 11 years ago
They don't want people to learn the truth about marijuana and hemp. They being the corporations. They don't want to harm their profits. The government could just make anyone who wants to smoke pot pay a $300 a year tax and let them smoke. The government doesn't care as long as they make money, but the corporations don't want the truth to get out.

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