Obama Administration Steps Up Attack on Legal Marijuana with Threat to Growers

Sunday, July 03, 2011
The Obama administration made it clear this week with a memo to federal prosecutors that Washington is not going to allow large-scale cultivation of medical marijuana by local governments.
With the growing acceptance of medical marijuana dispensaries, some cities and towns in California began shifting toward the idea of having indoor “pot farms” within their jurisdictions as a means to increase the local tax base. Oakland, in particular, discussed the idea of establishing four privately-owned cultivation centers that might generate millions of dollars in new revenue for the city.
The U.S. Department of Justice, though, decided enough was enough. On Wednesday, Deputy Attorney General James M. Cole informed U.S. Attorneys in a communiqué that the administration’s hands-off policy on medical marijuana did not apply to urban cultivation efforts.
Joe Elford, chief counsel for Americans for Safe Access, warned that the memo might embolden prosecutors in California to go after dispensaries and roll back medical marijuana systems in other states. “I would be hearing, ‘If you get too big, we may well put a target on your back,’ ” he told The Los Angeles Times.
-Noel Brinkerhoff
Memo to U.S. Attorneys (Deputy Attorney General James M. Cole) (pdf)
First-Ever Federal Bill to Legalize Marijuana (by Noel Brinkerhoff, AllGov)

How to Buy Marijuana Legally in California (by Sidney Finster, AllGov) 


Joe Bloh 11 years ago
It's Obvious; Regardless of the Constitution, the Attorney General feels that he has the right to make his own judgement and enforce them. Basically, his word is LAW. "F*** the Constitution" is his thought process. God forbid any people CHOOSE their OWN medication or recreational 'drug' that exists outside of ALCOHOL, NICOTINE, CAFFEINE or the thousands of "FDA APPROVED" Medications/ways to alleviate our depressions.
CatsAngeleyes 11 years ago
i live with chronic pain everyday. i was born with it. i have had 21 surgeries on my head and face. i was born with 2 different disease's not by my choice either. they are crouzon's disease and apert's syndrome. i had to fight my whole life. the crouzon's disease is making me worse. in bone wise i am old as in 80's to 90's years old. it sucks knowing that the medicines that the doctor's give you doesn't work. or maybe it might take the edge off. but it's still there and it's knocking..please legalize marijuana!! you don't know how it feels to deal with the chronic pain day in and day out. and it never stops and it does get worse too. marijuana, helps in so many ways that it will take weeks and weeks. it's like seeing the people in the hospital that are crippled or can't move because it hurts so much. once they take marijuana and put it in their system they will be walking, talking and doing things that they haven't done in years and years. believe me i am one of them!!! legalize marijuana!!! you said that you wanted to "change and you believe in that" think about it please!!
Mike Parent 12 years ago
i'm shocked! imagine a politician going back on his word. near 50% of the people favor legalization, 70% favor med mj and the obama administration is still adhering to pres. nixon's war against "god damn hippies." president obama, are you really trying to be a one termer? dems and reps. different pages from the same bad book.
John 12 years ago
this is just disgusting. thanks for the "change i can believe in" president obama. call off the dea, get government out of my medicine cabinet. http://www.how-to-open-a-dispensary.com
psi 12 years ago
the late spanish philosopher george santayana used to define fanaticism as redoubling your efforts when you have forgotten where you are going. if so, the federal bureaucracy of this once great nation is peopled with fanatics and morons. enough *is* enough. ask congress to defund the dea and put it out of its corrupt business.

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