FBI is Still Hiding 58-Year-Old Documents about Eleanor Roosevelt, who is Now the Favorite to Appear on the $10 Bill

Sunday, August 09, 2015
Eleanor Roosevelt (AP Photo)

Researchers are hoping to obtain the last bits of information the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is keeping secret about former first lady Eleanor Roosevelt.


Roosevelt was a particular target of former FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, who believed she was a Communist sympathizer. He amassed a 3,000-page file on Roosevelt, most of which has been released. However there are still 12 pages of the file, dealing with Roosevelt’s trips to the Soviet Union in 1957 and 1958, which the FBI has not made available. 


George Washington University researcher Christopher Brick, director of that school’s Eleanor Roosevelt Records Project, wants to see those pages. He’s suing the federal government under the Freedom of Information Act for access.


The Public Broadcasting System reports that the files contain “charges against her for suspected Communist activities, threats to her life on the grounds of her disloyalty to the country, close monitoring of her activities and writings, and a record of possible insurrectionary groups that she may have influenced.”


Those old FBI rantings would probably come as a surprise to those who have made Roosevelt the leading contender to have her face on the $10 bill. A Marist poll found that 27% of those surveyed named Roosevelt as their choice to be on the currency, which will soon be redesigned to feature a woman. Harriet Tubman is in second place at 17%.

-Steve Straehley


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Paul 8 years ago
Hamilton and Franklin were important in the War for Independence. They were also heavily involved in the formation of the government of the new United States. Helenor Roosevelt was a lowlife commie sympathizer that worked actively with here filthy traitor bastard husband to destroy this country. Their work continues past their deaths.
Stever 8 years ago
Alexander Hamilton and Benjamin Franklin are on US notes, but we never president. Defiant, you sir (or madam) are wrong. WRONG!!!!!!!!1!1!1!1!!!!
Bobby 8 years ago
I have had many older people tell me while I was growing up in the sixties and seventies, that Eleanor Roosevelt was a communist sympathizer and that she would even start many of her gatherings with the communist International song...
Defiant 8 years ago
PRESIDENTS appear on US currency. We should keep it that way. This has nothing to do with gender.

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