Cities across U.S. Prepare to Pay High Price for Resisting Trump Mass Deportations

Friday, December 02, 2016
ICE agents at a Los Angeles home to arrest an undocumented immigrant (photo: Allen J. Schaben, Getty Images)


By Jennifer Medina and Jess Bidgood, New York Times


LOS ANGELES — Here in Los Angeles, where nearly half of the city’s residents are Latino, Mayor Eric Garcetti has vowed to do everything he can to fight widespread deportations of unauthorized immigrants.


In New York, with a large and diverse Latino population, Mayor Bill de Blasio has pledged not to cooperate with immigration agents. And Mayor Rahm Emanuel of Chicago has declared that it “will always be a sanctuary city.”


Across the nation, officials in sanctuary cities are gearing up to oppose President-elect Donald Trump if he follows through on a campaign promise to deport millions of immigrants in the country illegally. They are promising to maintain their policies of limiting local law enforcement cooperation with federal immigration agents.


In doing so, municipal officials risk losing millions of dollars in federal assistance for their cities that helps pay for services like fighting crime and running homeless shelters. Trump has vowed to block all federal funding for cities where local law enforcement agencies do not cooperate with Immigrations and Customs Enforcement agents.


But as Trump prepares to take office, Democratic bastions, including Boston, Philadelphia and San Francisco, have reaffirmed plans to defy the administration and act as a kind of bulwark against mass deportations.


“I like to compare this to conscientious objector status,” said Mayor Libby Schaaf of Oakland, California. “We are not going to use our resources to enforce what we believe are unjust immigration laws.”


Supporters of tougher immigration policies, however, expect a swift response. Dan Stein, president of the Federation for American Immigration Reform, which opposes legalization for unauthorized immigrants, predicted “a very aggressive, no-holds-barred support for using the full power of the federal government to discourage this kind of interference.”


“The Trump administration is basically saying, ‘If you want to accommodate, don’t expect the rest of us to pay for your services,'” Stein said.


Cities “may not have the power to give people rights,” said Muzaffar Chishti, director of the Migration Policy Institute’s office at the New York University School of Law. “But they have a lot of power of resistance, and that’s what they’re displaying right now.”


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Wally 7 years ago
I hope the incoming administration denies them (the entire state) of ALL federal money and then appoints an investigative team to start searching for corruption within the governmental ranks. Crooked NY politicians need to be put into their place by the fed.
Randy G. Carns 7 years ago
DemoRATS are a party of division. Anti American Law, anti Constitution, anti anything American. Pro illegal as they claim they are done an injustice. No they broke the law. Look at the southern border of mexico and THEIR wall to keep out anyone heading north. Sicking but as a typical demoRAt or mexican you want from Uncle Sam as you try to destroy him. They take millions from POOR Americans to support millions of illegals. American kids are starving and have nothing but look at an illegal family and what they have, It is sick. Trumo needs to take all the money from these cities and arrest all the mayors or whoever protects these illegals.
Caesar 7 years ago

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