Navy Causes Controversy by Changing ‘Persian Gulf’ to ‘Arabian Gulf’

Thursday, December 09, 2010
The U.S. Navy has ticked off a lot of Iranians. Quietly, the Navy changed its policy on the name of the body of water separating Saudi Arabia from Iran—what commonly has been referred to as the Persian Gulf. Now all naval personnel are supposed to call it the Arabian Gulf, and that’s not sitting well with many from the land once known as Persia.
Once word got out that the Navy was using Arabian Gulf, angry messages began appearing on the service’s Facebook page. At least 4,000 messages reportedly were posted as of last Thursday, most of which called for the Navy to go back to using Persian Gulf.
Some of the messages, according to UPI, were:
--“From thousands years ago this gulf had been persian gulf and it will be forever persian...sorry for americans.”
--“How can world trust you when you easily change the history? It’s persian Gulf forever.”
-- “Is anybody in US Navy who has studied the geography? ... My question is can anybody change the name of America? that's crazy.”
For most of recorded history, the area was known almost universally as the Persian Gulf, but with the rise of Arab nationalism in the 1960s and the decline of Iranian power, Arab nations began using the new name.
-Noel Brinkerhoff
Navy Facebook Page Gets Pro-Iranian Posts (United Press International)


Bk 8 years ago
t is not a question of being pro Iranian but rather is about the fact that US navy is proving to be illiterate and by that ignoring the history and whats belongs to history Why dont you go and change the israel to Palestine where and when it was Palestine before you the US militarism regimee changed it to what it is today
JP Straley 8 years ago
This for "Persian." The thing to remember is neither to let an adversary define the field of battle, nor to control the definitions of words used in describing the arena. George Orwell can tell you something about this. JP Straley
PersianGulf 8 years ago
Persian Gulf Forever :) the other comment is clearly from an uneducated arab :)) lol God Bless Iran God Bless Persian Gulf God Bless America
Persian 8 years ago
4000 geeks !!!! It's funny, Im iranian myself and i don't care whatever its name is... It's just Gulf for God's sake! What is important is whoever run it not its name! Those idiot iranains!

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