Secret U.S. Military Spending Surpasses Entire Military Budget of Russia

Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Obama administration plans to spend more money than ever on secret military projects, commonly referred to as the Defense Department’s “black budget.” Just over $50 billion will be allocated, which representing a 3% increase over last year’s total and the highest amount any administration has budgeted for classified programs. To give it some perspective, the U.S. black budget will consume more money than all defense spending in Russia, the U.K., France or Japan. All in all, about 7.5% of the Pentagon’s total spending is now classified.

Although the total amount for the black budget is revealed, its specifics are not. But some details have surfaced, according to Wired, such as an appropriation of $106 million for “Directed Energy Technology,” which the magazine describes as “real-life ray gun research,” although on a larger scal than those used in video games and science fiction. The Pentagon also plans to spend $167 million on “Prompt Global Strike Capability Development,” which means developing weapons that can strike any target in the world in just hours.
-Noel Brinkerhoff
Black Budget Blows By $50 Billion Mark (by Bill Sweetman, Aviation Week)


Dr. John Hall 12 years ago
Great! More funding to experiment on innocent Americans! This has gone on long enough!!! I recently published a book about the true account of a woman in Texas who was tortured with directed energy, stalked and raped by a former FBI agent. See Click on the publisher icon.

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