Federal Government Charges Researchers with Using U.S. Grant to Help Chinese Commercial Spying

Friday, May 24, 2013
Yudong Zhu

Three Chinese researchers at New York University Medical School have been charged with helping funnel confidential MRI technology to a government–sponsored corporation in China.


A federal prosecutor in New York accused Yudong Zhu, Xing Yang and Ye Li, all of whom are Chinese citizens, of accepting bribes from a Chinese medical imaging company, United Imaging, and SIAT, a Chinese-sponsored research institute. In exchange for the money, the three shared nonpublic information about their NYU work. It is thought that Ye returned to China before she was charged.


Zhu also faces one charge of falsifying records.


Zhu, an associate professor of radiology since 2008 at NYU, allegedly “provided false statements regarding his affiliation with a Chinese government-sponsored research institution, a Chinese medical imaging company, and his application for and ownership of a patent that related to the research being funded by NIH [National Institutes of Health],” the complaint states.


Both Zhu and Yang previously worked together in China for an international company on matters related to MRI technology.

-Noel Brinkerhoff


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