Planned Parenthood more Popular than All Presidential Candidates

Tuesday, August 11, 2015
(AP photo)

Planned Parenthood, under fire from conservatives trying to pull the organization’s federal funding over abortion, is still a pretty popular institution with the public.


In fact, Planned Parenthood is more popular than all of the politicians running for president, both Democratic and Republican.


A new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll showed Planned Parenthood with a 45% positive rating among Americans. Thirty percent viewed the organization negatively.


None of the presidential contenders came close to 45%. Hillary Clinton managed a 37% positive rating. But that was outdone by her 48% negative rating.


On the Republican side, Jeb Bush and Donald Trump got a 26% positive score. But their negatives, too, were much higher (40% and 56%, respectively).


Only three candidates managed higher positive than negative ratings: Bernie Sanders (24% v. 19%), John Kasich (14% v. 9%) and Marco Rubio (24% v. 23%).

-Noel Brinkerhoff


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