FBI Reopens Mysterious 1964 Kidnapping Case

Saturday, August 10, 2013
Paul Joseph Fronczak, June 17, 1966

Federal law enforcement officials have reopened a nearly 50-year-old case of a baby kidnapped from a Chicago hospital that was presumably solved only a year after it took place.


The boy, named Paul Joseph Fronczak, was snatched, 16 hours after his birth, from Michael Reese Hospital on April 27, 1964, by a woman posing as a nurse. A toddler abandoned in a stroller in Newark, New Jersey, fourteen months later looked enough like the missing child that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) concluded the boy belonged to Chester and Dora Fronczak.


The Fronczaks raised the child believing he was theirs. But it turns out he was not the missing baby after all, once Paul Fronczak had a DNA test performed that revealed he was not related to his parents.


The FBI said it would reexamine old evidence from the case, whose files were thought to be lost until the bureau rediscovered them.


Fronczak says his parents support his desire to solve the mystery, but don’t want to be involved in the investigation, saying it is too painful to revisit the incident.


He added that he doesn’t care how long it might take to finally solve the case and find out what happened to the real baby, and who his real parents are.


“I’m in this for the long haul. I'm not going to quit,” Paul Fronczak told the Chicago Tribune. “I think that the perfect ending would be to find the real Paul, see that he's doing well and then on the same day find my real family. It would also be nice to have an actual birth date that I could believe in.”

-Noel Brinkerhoff


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darline 10 years ago
If i was investigating this case I would run this mans dna via interpool. Their is a good possibilty he was adopted illegally and when authorities found him they made wrong assumption. He was sold from abroad and smuggled in for adoption. I suspect Russian descent or possibly Slovic. Im very intuitive and when i see this picture and read the article this is what i sense. If even an infant foot print exist it can be ran against the archives in birthes from multiple medical and death reports in various Countries. I suspect real mother not aware he is alive. Just a suggestion

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