Army Redesigns Camouflage Uniforms for Afghanistan Terrain

Friday, September 18, 2009
Where's Joe? (Photo: Crye Precision)

Taking into account repeated concerns expressed by combat troops, the U.S. Army is preparing to send a new camouflaged uniform for use by regular soldiers in Afghanistan. Ground forces have complained that the standard issue camo, known as the multi-environment Universal Camouflage Pattern, with its muted grey and green, stands out too much in the Afghan environment of deserts, mountains and tree-lined valleys. Instead, the Army has ordered more of the new “MultiCam” uniform—featuring squiggly brown, tan and green—which Army and Air Force commandoes have already used on missions in the country. The new uniforms will be given to two battalions (about 4,000 personnel) in Afghanistan next month at a cost of $1 million. They will test two different uniforms, the MultiCam and the UCP-Delta.

-Noel Brinkerhoff
Army to Field New Uniforms for Afghanistan (by Christian Lowe,


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