All-Time Highest Temperature Recorded in Antarctica

Tuesday, March 31, 2015
Argentina's Base Esperanza (photo: Wikipedia)

Things are heating up in Antarctica, which recently registered the warmest temperature ever recorded there.


Base Esperanza, controlled by Argentina and located near the northern tip of the Antarctic Peninsula, recorded a temperature of 63.5°F on March 24, according to the Weather Underground. That was nearly four degrees higher than the previous high for the continent (59.0°F), which was recorded at Vanda Station on January 5, 1974. Esperanza’s previous record high was 62.7°F, taken on April 24, 1961.


The Esperanza reading came just one day after another Argentinean station, Base Marambio, recorded a new temperature high for its location of 63.3°F on March 23.

Marambio is located about 60 miles southeast of Esperanza, according to Christopher Burt at Weather Underground.


“One surprising aspect of the temperatures measured recently at Esperanza and Marambio are that they occurred in autumn, nearly three months past the usual warmest time of the year in the Antarctic Peninsula,” noted Burt.


Because of its location in the southern hemisphere, Antarctica’s seasons occur opposite of those in the United States. Summer takes place from October to February on the frozen continent, while March represents the beginning of winter, according to Cool Facts about Antarctica.

-Noel Brinkerhoff


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Allan 9 years ago
Once arctic ice free this sept, or next according to U.S. navy latent heat is going to kick in with a vengeance.Expect tempts least 10 degrees and more within one year. Methane clathrates venting with a vengence right now. Total self extinction within 24 months. Hard to believe right? Well guess we will see but pics of dawn and dusk already turning up purple.
Allan 9 years ago
Wish someone would put simple chalk where ocean currents start and end to balance the PH of the oceans. Were dead unless that at least is done.
anonamouse 9 years ago
LOL, you all have really slurped the Kool-aid on this one. "All time record" is a stretch, doncha think, since "all time" is a couple of decades' worth of data. Well, during this cycle, Earth has been warming since about 1850; therefore, if there had been thermometers there since then, every higher high since the Civil War would have been an "all time record." ... The other takeaway from this is good news: CO2 apparently doesn't cause warming in Antarctica; notice that the previous record high at Esperanza was set in 1961 --- since then atmospheric CO2 has increased 40 percent, with most of that coming in the last 15 years. If it's all about CO2, as the alarmists claim, why hasn't there been a "record high" every summer since 1998? This is about as silly an argument for global warming as I've seen yet: I might counter with the observation that it has been MUCH warmer on the continent in the past, as fossilized ferns and insects attest. But of course, that claim would be as bogus as this article. btw, it's also bogus to extrapolate two measurements to make a statement about the climate of the whole continent; that's like saying a record high at Anchorage proves all of North America is warming.

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