Wyoming Criminalizes taking Soil Samples and “Ecological” Photos on Public Lands

Wednesday, May 20, 2015
(photo illustration: Steve Straehley, AllGov)

Those concerned with environmental pollution in Wyoming can no longer take soil samples or even photos of possible contamination without risking going to jail.


The Republican-dominated state has adopted a new law, the “Data Trespass Bill,” which outlaws “citizen science,” the collecting of ecological data on private and public lands. Violations can result in a year of prison time and fines of $5,000. It also makes any samples inadmissible as evidence in court, even if they show environmental hazards.


The law was adopted in response to a fight between 15 ranchers and the environmental group, Western Watersheds Project, in Fremont County. The ranchers sued the group, claiming it collected water samples from their land without permission. Western Watersheds took the samples because it suspected the landowners were allowing manure to contaminate local water sources. Their tests of the samples revealed the presence of E. coli bacteria, which can cause serious illness and even death in humans.


Supporters of the law are framing it as protecting property rights, but that doesn’t explain the prohibition from taking samples—and photos—from public lands. “The purpose of the bill is to discourage this kind of activity,” Debra Donahue, a law professor specializing in wildlife science at the University of Wyoming, told Courthouse News Service. “The state would prefer not to have citizens going out on public lands collecting data that could then be used against landowners.


“The idea is, if the water quality in the streams doesn’t meet standards, that [the ranchers] should do something about it. And whatever action that was, it would have an effect on their ability to raise cattle.”


The new law prohibits the gathering of photos and soil samples used for ecological purposes, even in state and national parks. Opponents say it is so broad, it would prevent taking photographs at Yellowstone National Park. 

-Noel Brinkerhoff, Steve Straehley


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Steve 8 years ago
My sympathy to the people of Wyoming with the Republicans "taking care" of you like this you are in for a roughy ride
RobB 8 years ago
We were going to Yellowstone in two weeks! Forget that, I don't need the crap. Everything is ruined by jerks. I have looked forward to this for years now I can't take pictures.
Jeff Speeth 8 years ago
This can't be true!! What kind of country is this turning into? Is the environment so toxic in Wyoming that everyone has become stupid? How could these idiots even think of such a bill? Come on now - tell me this is really "The Onion"
ihategov 8 years ago
If this is a new law, then it is time for EVERYONE to disobey!

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