Rising Global Temperatures from Climate Change Linked to Increase in Violence

Wednesday, October 29, 2014
(photo: Tim Robberts, Getty Images)

As the old saying goes, as temperatures rise, tempers flare. That adage also applies to the effects of global warming on the human condition.


Researchers at the National Bureau of Economic Research culled through volumes of studies on the effects of climate change and came up with 55 reports they found valid in linking increases in violence with rising global temperatures.


The increases ranged from personal conflicts (domestic violence, road rage, assault, murder, and rapes) to country or group conflicts, including riots, ethnic violence, invasions, gang violence and civil wars. Even the incidence of beanballs in Major League Baseball games was shown to have increased with the outside temperature.


“We find that deviations from moderate temperatures and precipitation patterns systematically increase the risk of conflict, often substantially, with average effects that are highly statistically significant,” the researchers wrote.


In some parts of the world, temperature bumps could lead to serious increases in violence. A 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit rise in Africa could translate into a 20% increase in civil conflict on the continent.


The results were consistent throughout the research. In 19 of the studies, Stanford’s Marshall Burke and his fellow researchers found 24 instances when temperature positively affected conflict. “The probability of getting 24 positive values if there was in fact no relationship between temperature and conflict ... is less than 1 in 100 million,” Burke told The Washington Post. “It’s like flipping a coin 24 times and getting heads each time.”

-Noel Brinkerhoff


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John Free 9 years ago
Climate change is an Illuminati construct...its needed for their future implementation of "Agenda 21"....wait and see folks.
No 9 years ago
It's rising food prices. Correlation is not causation.
anonamouse 9 years ago
The Mighty Wurlitzer of "Climate Change"(TM) plays on. At what point will the editors of this site throw in the towel? At what point will the absurdities of the Mighty Wurlitzer overwhelm their commitment to a demonstrably false paradigm? What will it take? (Apparently not the latest pronouncement, that "global warming causes cooling"?) Perhaps a study from East Anglia proving that given sufficient atmospheric heating, pigs will fly? ... What we do know is that the climate comprises trends within trends within trends: it is always "changing." Taking the long view, it has been warming for 10,000 years; within that megatrend, it has been warming since the middle of the 19th century (following the "Little Ice Age"); there have been 30-year periods of relative cooling and warming within the larger warming trend that began about 1850; most recently, a warming mini-period began in the '70s (just about the time alarmists began warning about the imminent peril of "global cooling") and ended in the late '90s (just about the time alarmists began bleating about "global warming"). Yet violent crime in the US has been declining since .... the '70s, i.e., during the most recent warm mini-period. We are fortunate to live during the calmest, most crime-free period in our nation's history (despite the distortions caused by drug Prohibition); it's sad that people are trapped in a state of fearful confusion by "Climate Science" when they could be enjoying a Reality that is actually pretty benign --- and comfortably warm.

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