Obama Administration Cracks Down on Employers of Illegal Immigrants

Monday, July 12, 2010

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) under the Obama administration is employing a quieter approach to going after illegal immigrants employed in the United States. Instead of conducting high-profile raids of factories, farms and other businesses, ICE officials are showing up and auditing companies’ books to locate everyone on the payroll who is an undocumented worker. The new strategy is resulting in all illegal workers being fired at a company, instead of just those present on the day of the Bush-era raids.

Another important difference lies in the fact that ICE is not deporting as many of the fired workers as before, allowing them to remain in the U.S. to find another employer.
ICE has reportedly conducted audits of employee files at more than 2,900 companies over the past year. The “silent raids” have resulted in a record $3 million in civil fines so far in 2010.
Business owners, especially those in agriculture, are complaining that the raids are leaving them short on cheap labor. It is estimated that more than 60% of farm workers in the United States are illegal immigrants.
-Noel Brinkerhoff


Mark 7 years ago
Steve, Paula, and Bettybb, you are the idiots here. The primary reason illegals come here is for jobs. If enough pressure is placed on businesses to stop hiring illegals, those job opportunities will disappear. Even if we don't deport them, many will simply self-deport. This has already been happening since the recession began in 2007. This has been reported, so it's easy to look it up. Fewer job opportunities will mean less illegal immigration. Letting the greedy businesses off the hook for illegal activity was the fault of the Republicans. As usual, they only seek to punish the lower class and let the rich guys get off free. Obama has also devoted more money and personnel to help close the Southern boarders than Bush did. Check you facts; you guys are out to lunch.
Steve in AZ 7 years ago
Talk about Hypocrisy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG YOU LACK EDUCATION! All I can say is Mexican Revolution/Civil War of 1910-1920 & Chiapas Uprising 1994- Present Get some dam history education about your own people PLEASE so you idiots can stop this uneducated, misleading propaganda!!! "Hyprocrites The ancestors of Mexicans have been on this land before any European even knew it existed. They are natives to this land. The Anglo's are the true aliens. They came here commiting crimes which were are now forgotten if not forgiven" What a stupid statement! Shows your lack of education! The downfall of our country is letting more stupid people like you in! Mexican? Mexico was created as an assimilation and murder of over 80 nomadic Indian tribes by Spain that BTW is European. When Mexico negotiated their own boarder along with US surveyors, Mexico asked the US to protect their own people against the American Apache & Cherokee and Comanches, tribes that had no boarders and did not want your Mexican government! They killed, scalped and beheaded your families, took your cattle. Native Indians were nomadic without technology or boarders. Many non savage tribes welcomed Americans because of their technology in how to feed them selves but most were savage and killed babies, women, other tribes. Many tribes often went hungry and struggled to survive! Then “NEW Mexico” or the ‘Tejano population” tried to colonize Texas but Wichitas, Caddos, Cherokees, Alabamas and Coushattas keep kicking you MEXICAN INVADORS butt! Mexico cried to the US who had the muscle to protect you weak invadors! You spit on the US but kiss your Mexican State. Most of you clame proud heratage of Mexico, then why leave Mexico? We have technology and wealth and you people want everything for nothing! We should take ofer Mexico and throw out the Mexican Government. Your land is beautifull and you don't even know what you have.
Paula 7 years ago
How wonderful. Now Obama is giving these companies notice so the companies can fire the illegals and with no intention of arresting and deporting them. That shows real strong support for the legal tax payers Then he has the nerve to say he tightening up on the companies that hire illegals. You have got to kidding me! I don't know about anybody else out there but I am not STUPID. Obama has to go as soon as possible before he destroys the American way of life and values. He is a total embarrassment
Bettybb 7 years ago
Obama is doing the least possible. He has stopped the fence which was working. He is doing a few employer checks, but is allowing foreigners to stay here and steal American jobs. The University of CA at Davis Ag school came out with a report in 2007 that found there are enough Americans ready, willing and able to do farm work, but wages would have to rise. But the rich want the cheap illegal labor to continue to flow in. Hence the open borders, lack of enforcement of our laws and all the various amnesty pushes. It is time to fight back against the elite. Demand our laws be fully enforced and our border secured.

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