“Go Ahead…Make Their Day!” A New State Law Gives Oklahomans the Right to Openly Carry Guns

Friday, November 02, 2012
(Photo: AP)


The movement allowing people to openly carry guns in public continues to grow in the United States, with Oklahoma becoming the latest state to legalize the pro-Second Amendment activity.


As of November 1, Oklahomans can carry a loaded firearm without concealing it as long as they have a license. More than 140,000 residents currently possess such a license.


Supporters of the new law say the ability to “open carry” will deter crime and keep law-abiding citizens from getting into trouble for accidentally exposing their concealed weapons in public. Second Amendment advocates also favor the sight of thousands of people brandishing their weapons to show how firearms can be part of routine life, such as going shopping.


However, the law will not force businesses to accept customers who are openly carrying guns. Banks, gas stations, and other commercial enterprises will still be able to post signs on their doors saying firearms are prohibited on the premises.


Oklahoma is now the 15th state to allow open carrying of guns with a license. Other states include Utah, Iowa, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Several other states, including Arizona, New Mexico, and Nevada, allow the carrying of unconcealed firearms without a license.

-Noel Brinkerhoff


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speed6 6 years ago
Oklahoma didn't "give" anyone a right, they just stopped using the state monopoly on violence to prevent people from exercising their natural right.

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