Gun Rights Expand under Obama

Saturday, February 27, 2010

One year into the Obama administration and gun rights advocates have had little to fear. In fact, movements are underway across the country to adopt legislation aiding those who own firearms, contrary to fearful predictions early last year that the new presidency would spell bad news. In addition to President Barack Obama approving a federal plan to allow guns in national parks, the White House has done little to bring back the federal ban on assault rifles or close the loophole that allows unlicensed dealers at gun shows to sell firearms without background checks.

Meanwhile, Second Amendment proponents have been busy at the state level convincing legislatures to approve or take up new measures that make it easier to carry firearms. Virginia recently passed a new law that permits people to carry concealed weapons in bars and restaurants that serve alcohol, and another bill is being considered to repeal a nearly two-decade old ban on buying more than one handgun a month.
Out West, some legislative bodies are deciding whether to allow the carrying of concealed weapons without a permit, while Montana and Tennessee have passed the first-ever measures that exempt their states from federal regulation of firearms and ammunition that are manufactured, sold and used in state. Three other states are considering similar proposals.
-Noel Brinkerhoff
Anti-Gun Violence Group Gives Obama an “F” (by Noel Brinkerhoff, AllGov)


robert smith 9 years ago
i dont care about any childern that were kill with guns unless they were fighting for are freedom .the goverment are the ones who kill childern look at wwtwo they killed all those childern in germany . killed japan with bombs in iran iraq look at the childern they killed in the revolution war childern got killed fighting for our freedom .we should have the death penity for politicons and lawyars who use stinken properganda and tax money against are freedom you cant brain wash me you stink like the bile of the nile
Ed 10 years ago what the? someone is just paranoid and speaking out of some deep rooted fear with no facts to support his conspiracy. typical.
AK47WorldIsAnIdiot 11 years ago
You are so right on man.. so right.. It's not like you're a racing lunatic or anything, keep it up. 12 years ago
What a Phony Bunch of Propaganda - as the Very DEVIOUS Barry Soetoro (Or is he Barry Obama, or Barry Dunham ???) - or his current name Barack Hussein Obama would never be so obvious as the send JBT's after your Guns !!! No, no, no - Obama has a much more insidious way for TAKING AWAY YOUR GUNS - he'll just continue to ILLEGALLY STEAL TARP Funds for his Wall Street 'Friends' at Goldman Sachs, AIG, Citibank & others - who WILL KEEP THAT $$$$ for themselves & OBSCENE BONUSES - STARVING 'Main Street' with NEGATIVE JOB LOSSES - who'll then be forced to SELL/PAWN & LOSE their Guns !!! Pretty SNEAKY - by a Guy whose 'Puppet Master' George Soros has given Perkins, Coie, LLP over $2 Million dollars to hide Passport Records, College Financial Aid & Transcript Records & those infamous Birth Records - that Kapi 'olani Medical Center won't comment on...

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