41% of Trump Supporters Want to Bomb Disney Cartoon Kingdom of Agrabah

Sunday, December 20, 2015
The kingdom of Agrabah (graphic: Walt Disney Pictures)

Donald Trump’s message of intolerance has drawn millions of supporters to his campaign—even some whose hate runs so deep as to include cartoon characters.


Public Policy Polling added a question to a survey (pdf) it conducted asking Republican primary voters whether they would support bombing Agrabah. Thirty percent of them, and 41% of Trump primary voters, replied that it was a good idea. The trick is that Agrabah’s not a real place, unless you’re an inhabitant of Disney Pictures’ make-believe cartoon universe.


In the 1992 animated movie “Aladdin,” Agrabah is a fictional city that is home to Aladdin, the Genie and other characters. The location is the creation of Disney filmmakers and doesn’t really exist.


“It’s a whole new world,” Dean Debnam, president of Public Policy Polling, said in a statement. “Republicans who support carpet bombing also support bombing magic carpets.”


The question’s insertion into the survey was inspired by the “extreme rhetoric” of Republican presidential candidates in the debates and on the campaign trail, according to Public Policy Polling communications specialist Justin Mayhew. “Anything that sounds Arab might make these [respondents] think of people who might associate with terrorism,” he told MTV News. “It also relates to the fear people are feeling and it speaks to the fear that the right is playing to with their campaigns.”


Fifty-four percent of the Republican primary voters surveyed said they think Muslims should be prohibited from entering the United States. That number’s not too surprising, considering that 28% of them—and 41% of Trump supporters—also think that rounding up Americans of Japanese descent and putting them in concentration camps during World War II was a good idea.

-Steve Straehley, Danny Biederman


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scott 8 years ago
now when you say "americans" do you mean native americans? southern americans or central americans? or north americans like Canadians and Mexico?
anonamouse 8 years ago
The headline gets it backwards: the real news here is that 59% of Trump's backers wouldn't bomb. ....
David Wigginton 8 years ago
The liberal media continues their attempt to dis credit those who attempt to maintain their freedom and country by using terms as racist and intolerance. Their tolerance has exceeded what the American people will tolerate. They are so willing to promote the "give away the USA" platform that they are willing to support a criminal for the White House. Yes a candidate who has yet to come clean over the Bengazi incident,leaked classified information by use of personal email, wiped all hard drives within her organization clean to with hold the wrongs that were done and used her foundation to further her own power hungry appetite. The fact speak for themselves. Yet this person has the gall to attack honest human beings who address the issues important to the American people. I say listen to the American people they are sick of the politicians and the leadership that has plagued this country for the last decade. Respect and honor the ones who speak the truth and want to make America a better place. America is not for everyone, It is for Americans. No country can support the world maybe we should stop trying.

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