Veterans Waiting more than a Year for Benefits have Grown from 11,000 to 245,000 under Obama

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Barack Obama promised before he became president to revamp veterans affairs so that fewer of America’s wounded warriors would have to wait upwards of a year for their benefits. Instead, the number of those waiting for help from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has exploded by 2,000%.


In 2009, the number of ex-soldiers waiting more than a year for their VA care totaled 11,000. By December 2012, the list had ballooned to 245,000 veterans, according to the Center for Investigative Reporting.


After obtaining internal VA documents, the center also found that many veterans are waiting much longer than a year to receive their benefits. Those filing for the first time who live in major urban centers can wait more than 600 days before they receive help. In New York City, the delay can be 642 days, and in Los Angeles 619.


The largest number of year-long waits are in Oakland (19,077), Waco (18,442), Houston (14,480) and Los Angeles (13,901).


The Obama administration has attempted to fix the VA benefits system by hiring more staff and buying new computer systems. But these solutions have failed to produce positive results, such as reducing the backlog of claims, which currently stands at about 900,000 and is expected to eclipse one million by the end of this month.

-Noel Brinkerhoff


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Donna 11 years ago
It's a damn shame it should not be that way at all I will never understand how is it they have to wait all that time but yet someone right out of jail can get it so fast of a girl that keeps having kids gets it really it gets me so mad to hear about this
MSG Retired 11 years ago
18 months and still waiting, had a couple of major ortho issues with surgeries my last 3 years in, now sitting around waiting after a 65 % cut in income .. Typical !!
SFC_Swede 11 years ago
I am about to pass one year waiting for my determination. I dont even want any money! I just was medically retired due to injuries sustained in Afghanistan and not prepared to go from Infantryman one day, to civilian with no transferable skills the next. I thought I had more time, and have been kinda busy deploying the past 10 years to get to college. I just want the Vocational Rehab program so I can be competitive in the current employment market and get a job other than the two part time min wage jobs I have been able to secure.

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