Tea Party Membership (or Those Who Admit to It) Plunges to 8%

Thursday, January 10, 2013
(Photo: AP)


At the peak of its popularity two years ago, the Tea Party enjoyed the support of nearly a quarter of American voters. But now the party’s popularity has plummeted.


According to a new Rasmussen Reports poll, only 8% of voters claim to be Tea Party members.


The movement’s high-point came just after the adoption of the federal healthcare reform law in April 2010, when its support was at 24% among voters.


When asked what they think of the Tea Party today, only 30% of respondents told Rasmussen that they think favorably of it.


Nearly half (49%) don’t look kindly on the movement.


The perception of Tea Party members in the U.S. House isn’t much better. Just before Speaker John Boehner came up for reelection to his leadership post, a small group of Tea Partiers plotted to overthrow him.


The attempt failed miserably.


Representative Trent Franks (R-AZ) told Bloomberg Businessweek that the plot amounted to “a ridiculous miscalculation on the part of a sincere, but completely inept” group of colleagues.

-Noel Brinkerhoff


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Truthsayer 7 years ago
Get off the MSM Conspiracy Plots.. First off the Most Watched News is CONSERVATIVE FOX NEWS.. Second ever check out the radio dial? How many Liberal 'Talk Shows' are there? How many Rabid 'Right Wing' Ones are their? You Right Wingers simply cannot accept reality.. The so called 'MSM' has given you a GIGANTIC FREE PASS for YEARS now!!!! If they actually did spend their time outing all the Conservative Lies that are permeated by Right Wing Media Daily.. My God.. You would be lucky if the Nation did not tar and Feather you. The Right needs to stop with this rather Insane narrative about everyone out to get them.. Because that what it is.. a paranoid Delusion. BTW you know who THE ONLY NEWS OUTLET TO ACTUALLY FIGHT IN COURT FOR THEIR RIGHT TO MISLEAD THE PUBLIC IS CORRECT? Yup.. The CONSERVATIVE OUTLET FOX NEWS. Moderates like me are no longer buying what you Conspiracy Loonies are selling.. This is evidenced by the fact that the Right Wings popularity rating is up their with The Clap.
d e wise 7 years ago
This is the result from daily denigrating by the msm. Who knows if these #'s are correct.

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