Obama Fires Inspector General Who Investigated a Friend

Monday, June 15, 2009
Gerald Walpin

President Barack Obama tried late last week to quietly fire an inspector general who had investigated a close political ally, a move that prompted attention from several media sources anyway. Obama terminated Gerald Walpin, inspector general of the Corporation for National and Community Service, which runs the AmeriCorps program, after Walpin launched an investigation last year that involved Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson, a former NBA player who had founded a community group called St. HOPE Academy.

Walpin’s audit of St. HOPE, which sought to find out how the organization had spent $847,673 in grant funds from AmeriCorps, came in the middle of Johnson’s reelection campaign. At that time, Walpin raised the specter of funds being diverted and misused by Johnson’s organization. The Democrat and supporter of Obama called the investigation “politically motivated,” and his aides brought up details about Walpin’s support for Republican Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney to indicate bias on his part. In 2007 and 2008, Walpin donated money to the presidential campaigns of Rudy Giuliani and John McCain.
In April, St. HOPE Academy agreed to a settlement with the federal government to pay $423,836.50, of which $72,836.50 came out of Johnson’s pocket. Walpin was cut out of those negotiations to settle the matter.
After hearing of the inspector general’s firing, Senator Charles Grassley (R-IA) complained to Obama in a letter, which reminded him that he had supported legislation last year as a U.S. senator requiring the president to give Congress 30 days notice in writing of the reasons for terminating or transferring any inspector general.
-Noel Brinkerhoff
Flagrant Foul? (by Jake Wiens, Project on Government Oversight)
Gerald Walpin: Obama Removes AmeriCorps's IG (Ann Sanner and Pete Yost, Associated Press)


ELI 13 years ago
Obama is as about as crooked as a two dollar bill!
roy hanbury 14 years ago
never before have so many been duped over so little as the promise of somebody elses hard earned money. as it turns out you arent going to get it anyway. to make matters worse anybody that disagrees with him or his political allies are being systematically scilenced....wake up america!!! this left wing lunatic is doing damage to each and every one of us that will take decades to repair
harlie 14 years ago
Obama doesn't care what laws he breaks....he wants to only dictate to america NOT GOVERN...he does NOT know how.....what does a community organizer know about anything other than antaganizing.....Hope you sheeple are happy NOW...what until this marxist hits you in some way, either money or jail.....he needs to be impeached NOW....get him OUT....before it is too late..

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