Immigration Officials Set Deportation Quotas, Shifting Focus from Dangerous Illegal Immigrants

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Contrary to its public policies that promise to focus on dangerous criminals, top officials in the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) service are requiring ICE agents to meet a quota of 400,000 arrests this year, indicating the agency intends to operate like it did under President George W. Bush and conduct mass deportations of illegal immigrants.

According to ICE internal documents and communications obtained by The Washington Post, the agency’s leadership appears to be unhappy with the rate of deportations and wants agents to ramp up arrests—which would mean going after non-criminals as well as violent felons. ICE intends to expand its detention centers in order to accommodate the quota goal.
When asked about the quota, an ICE spokesman told the newspaper that some of the plans were “inconsistent” with administration policy, and that the agency intended to “clarify” the situation.
-Noel Brinkerhoff
ICE Officials Set Quotas to Deport More Illegal Immigrants (by Spencer S. Hsu and Andrew Becker, Washington Post)


qwert 13 years ago
The quotas and the deportations are pointless, and actually unwisely spent money just for show. It costs a lot to deport 400,000 immigrants, and has no effect on immigrant reduction, as they can easily walk right back. You have to start with the borders.
Joao 14 years ago
So called "Comprehensive Immigration Reform" makes absolutely no sense! How can people who break laws to get in the country or overstay their visas demand anything? It boggles the mind! What boggles the mind even more than that is the fact that we have these incompetent, ignorant politicians that would even entertain the idea of something as ridiculous as amnesty for law breakers and rewarding then with green cards, citizenship, health care, section 8, food stamps, and so on. Shocking. If they try it, be prepared for one of the most nasty and poisonous political climates in US history....and it WILL NOT pass.
BAZ987 14 years ago
There should be no deportation quotas. All illegals violated Federal immigration Laws and ALL SHOULD BE DEPORTED. NO EXCEPTIONS. That would be fair to all Americans.
Estoban 14 years ago
For every 400,000 illegal alien job thiefs deported, jobs will be opened up for 15 million Americans looking for ANY job to feed and shelter their families. Go ICE!

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