Navy Breaks Record for Firing Commanders

Wednesday, September 14, 2011
Commander Mark Olson
As expected, the U.S. Navy set a record in 2011 by firing more commanders in a single year than ever before.
Naval leaders on September 7 relieved Commander Mark Olson of his command of the USS The Sullivans, making him the 18th skipper booted this year.
Olson was fired after he failed to follow safety procedures during a gunnery exercise, resulting in his ship firing inert rounds at a civilian fishing vessel off the coast of North Carolina. The Sullivans’ guns were supposed to be aiming at a target hulk.
Olson has been temporarily reassigned to administrative duties on the staff of Destroyer Squadron 14.
Last year, when the Navy fired 17 commanding officers, one of them also was in charge of The Sullivans: Commander Neil Funtanilla, who was relieved after the destroyer struck a buoy in the Persian Gulf.
-Noel Brinkerhoff
Navy Tops 2010 with 18th CO Firing (by Bryant Jordan,


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