Director of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration: Who Is Scott Mugno?

Sunday, November 12, 2017
Scott Mugno (photo: FedEx)

Scott Anthony Mugno, a long-time executive at delivery giant FedEx, was nominated October 27, 2017, to be assistant secretary of labor for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). The administration develops and enforces government standards that businesses and other non-governmental organizations are required to follow in order to prevent employees from getting sick or injured.


Mugno was born September 10, 1956, in New York to Anthony and Marilyn Mugno. He graduated from Brooklyn Technical High School in 1974, and then earned an A.A. in political science in 1977 from Queensborough Community College. Mugno continued his education at St. John’s University, earning a B.S. in criminal justice in 1979. He left New York for law school, and earned his J.D. at Washburn University in Topeka, Kansas, in 1983 and spent the first couple years of his career there working at private law firms.


Mugno joined the Army in 1984 and entered the Judge Advocate General Corps. When he left the service in 1990, Mugno turned his attention to corporate law, first at Westinghouse Electric in Carlsbad, New Mexico, and then, in 1994, as a senior attorney for FedEx.


In February 2000, Mugno was named managing director for corporate safety, health and fire prevention at FedEx. He held that post until December 2011, when he was named vice president for safety, sustainability and vehicle maintenance for the company’s FedEx Ground unit. Along with his more conventional duties there, Mugno served as “brain coach” and “den mother” for FedEx drivers participating in National Truck Driving Championship competitions. FedEx drivers often won their events. Mugno was in that job when nominated for the OSHA post.


In November 2012, Mugno was added to the Research Advisory Committee of the American Transportation Research Institute, and was its chairman at the time of his OSHA nomination. He is also chairman of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce OSHA subcommittee.


Industry groups welcomed Mugno’s appointment to OSHA, who has represented the American Trucking Associations at Congressional hearings, believing that he will continue the Trump administration’s drive to weaken worker-protection regulations put in place under the Obama administration. In 2006, Mugno told the U.S. Chamber of Commerce that the actions of employees deserved more scrutiny, pointing out that obese workers and workers with high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels impact workplace safety. That same year, he told the publication Business Insurance: “We’ve got to free OSHA from its own statutory and regulatory handcuffs.” He noted that much has changed since OSHA was established in 1971, and that some regulations should perhaps be subject to sunset provisions.


Mugno was an enthusiastic Trump supporter, even attending the inauguration.


Mugno and his wife, Sharon, have two daughters: Madeline and Kaitlin.

-Steve Straehley


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Judy Sosnovske 6 years ago
Thank you for your information about Gary Brent. It does not surprise me that the Trump Administration is supporting this kind of person. And thank you for speaking out
Gary Brent 6 years ago
My name is Gary Brent a 19 year employee of FedEx Express. I was terminated by FedEx for some of the most vile allegations anyone could imagine; they portrayed me as low life reprobate. FedEx is the type of company that will destroy you anyway than can, legal or illegal. How does FedEx get away with this behavior? Let's look at the founder, Fred Smith. In 1975 Mr. Smith was indicted by a Grand Jury for forging documents so he could secure a 2 million dollar loan. The suit was brought by his 2 half sisters, they claimed he and other executives sold off securities from a trust at a loss of $14 million. Fred Smith was found innocent. That same evening in 1975, Mr. Smith struck a handyman, George Strugill riding his bicycle on the road. Mr. Smith did not stop to render help or call an ambulance. Mr. Strugill died from his injuries. Mr. Smith was charged with, leaving the scene of an accident and driving with an expired license. Mr. Smith posted a bond of $250, the charges were later dropped. During Mr. Smith's first summer break from Yale, he was driving his car with several of his friends to a lake, when he lost control of the car rolling it killing his front seat passenger. No charges were ever filed. Justice really is Blind. Fred Smith was offered cabinet positions by Pres. George W. Bush, his Yale classmate. Sen. McCain also offered Mr. Smith a position in his administration, he declined the offer.Pres. Trump also offered Mr. Smith a cabinet position, and again, he declined the offer. It appears Mr. Smith has the "Right Stuff" President Obama said, Fred Smith was the smartest CEO ever. Mr. Smith was chosen to be a member of Obama's Round Table of CEO's. Some of Mr. Smiths suggestions to Obama were, raise the retirement age to 70 yrs., retirees could expect to loose over 35% of future benefits. Mr. Smith proposed an increase in the gas tax of 18 cents, this would place a heavy burden on the middle class and lower class citizens. Mr. Smith and UPS haven been lobbying for allowing longer trailers (10 ft.) on the road, and heavier weighted trailers from, 80, 000 to 129,000 lbs. Fortunately, FedEx and UPS's efforts were deemed unsafe by the congress. How do companies like FedEx get away with such behavior? Let's look at the website, Federal Contractor Misconduct Data Base for FedEx; you can put any company you want to see how ethical and honest they are. Since 1995 to 2016 FedEx was charged with 58 acts of misconduct, with 18 pending cases. Total fines, $759,688,721. Exxon Mobil- 97 cases of misconduct with 20 pending cases. Fines were $3,242,127,429. Boeing -68 cases of misconduct 12 pending cases, and fines of $1,456,813,493. McKesson- 24 cases of misconduct 8 pending, fines of, $2,053,399,744. Their 2016 contracts are worth $8,635.7 million = $8.635 Billion dollars. The largest offenders are the, Oil Industry, Defense Contractors, and the Drug Industry. These industries are destroying this country, and the tax payers are paying the tab contrary to what the government says. One point I over looked was, FedEx was fined by France $18,000,000 for Price Collusion(Price Fixing)Check out Federal Contractor Misconduct Data Base you'll be amazed how out of control this government and companies really are. President Trump has nominated FedEx Ground's Sr VP of Safety and Vehicle Maintenance to be the next Asst. OSHA Director. While Mr. Mugno was MD of Safety, Health, and Fire Prevention at FedEx Express, I wrote letters to him about the lack of safety at my Fort Lauderdale location, Mr. Mugno never responded to my letters, and safety suffered in South Florida. Mr. Mugno transferred to FedEx Ground in Dec 2000, he became SR VP of Safety and Vehicle Maintenance. In 2012 FedEx Express started using FedEx Ground Trailers to haul FedEx Express Freight; FedEx Express told us in 2000 that you would never see FedEx Ground hauling FedEx Express freight, this was a lie. In 2012 I noted 56 FedEx Ground Trailers with serious mechanical and structural deficiencies. I recorded pictures of these poorly maintained trailers, sending them to PA FMCSA, TN FMCSA, NTSB, OIG of the DOT, and OSHA. These U.S. Government Agencies claimed that these FedEx Ground Trailers met current FMCSA standards; this was a lie. How can I say this, my qualifications are at the bottom of my above comment. FedEx Ground's Safety rating under Mr. Mugno would become worse, many more fatalities and the condition also got worse. Mr. Mugno and FedEx DO NOT support worker's Rights. Mr. Mugno's goal is to remove what he considers burdensome FMCS Regulations; this means more fatalities and injuries, and longer and heavier vehicles on the road. As I said before, Fred Smith's Golden Child, Scott Mugno should NOT be approved to become Asst. OSH Administrator. Vietnam Veteran and Patriot. Blessed are the Peace Makers, END these endless wars!
Gary Brent 6 years ago
Chapter IV Reasons why Scott Mugno should NOT be confirmed by he U.S. Senate to be the next Asst. OSHA Administrator. I am going to cover a period from circa 2000 - 2005 while I was a Tractor Trailer Driver Instructor and Vehicle Safety Advocate at FedEx Express Division. The Managing Director of Express Safety, Health, and Fire Prevention during this period was Scott Mugno. Executive FedEx Management in Memphis, has placed a target on my back since I began reporting serious vehicle safety violations and OSHA Workplace Safety Violations to OSHA and Memphis Management. Numerous members of FedEx Senior MGT. in Memphis and South Florida told me, "We don't want you going outside the company, we solve are problems internally; this statement was made with the intent of silencing me with my safety concerns. What I learned at FedEx over 19 years of service is, their unwritten rule, "If you question us only any issue(Safety,OSHA,FMCS,or Regs.,) we will destroy you." I believed FedEx meant what they said. During this period I attended a workgroup meeting with my peers, and the speaker was, VP Shannon Brown from Memphis. Mr. Brown's area of expertise was Human Resources and Vehicle Operations. The reason for his visit to Ft. Lauderdale was to inform us that we were his worst locations because of too many vehicle accidents; he clearly was NOT happy. He walked around the room of approximately 25 drivers venting his anger, nobody said a word. Mr. Brown walked over to me, I have never met Mr. Brown before. He knew I was the person that was writing the safety letters to Memphis. Mr. Brown asked directly, "How do you prevent accidents? I replied "First you determine the ROOT cause and then" that all I was able to say, Mr. Brown said loudly while pointing his index finger approximately 2" from the tip of my nose, "The Root cause is, DON'T Have Any!" Needless to say I was stunned at his rude behavior. FedEx's motto, one of thousands, was, "You can expect to treated with RESPECT." Mr. Brown in my opinion, is a narcissist, bully, and suffers from "Small Man Syndrome" he is about 5'5" tall. The target on my back became larger. In mid July 2003 I was called into a meeting with, FedEx Sr. MGR. Brian Riley, SR. Safety Specialist Richard Bilheimer, and Human Resources REP., Jackie Lewis. I had no idea what the meeting was about. The first person to speak was Ms. Lewis. "You wrote a letter to SR. VP. Mr. William Logue?" "What was your state of mine?" then she asked me, "Why do you keep bringing up issues that have been addressed?" I said, "Not all of my safety concerns have been addressed." I said that the FedEx locations did NOT have Wheel Chocks as required by OSHA CFR's and FedEx Company Policy." The Safety Specialist interjected and said, "Wheel Chocks are NOT required, they are a MINIMUM Standard." Mr. Bilheimer's comment totally wrong. No matter what I said, they were not going to change their stance. The next comment from Ms. Lewis was, we don't want you going outside FedEx to OSHA with complaints. I stated that, it is my right to do so." There was no response from Ms. Lewis. The next directive from Ms. Lewis was, "We do NOT want you quoting DOT Regulations to other drivers." FedEx chose me to be a Tractor Trailer Driver and part of that job was to teach Federal Motor Carrier Regulations. Federal Law states all employees, management, vehicle maintenance, and dispatcher shall be familiar with FMCS Regs. As a Certified Flight Instructor Multi-Engine and Instrument, I was responsible for teaching my students Federal Air Regulations. After Ms. Lewis's ridiculous comment, I said to all, "Would you tell a FedEx Capt. that they could NOT quote FAR's to their First Officer?" No response from anyone, but one was coming and it wasn't going to be what I expected. On Sept.30 I delivered a truck load of flowers to FedEx Facility at Miami Airport. I backed my truck in secured the left rear trailer wheel with a portion of a destroyed wheel chock and went into the building to help unload my flowers. While inside the building at the dock another driver came in with flowers, he parked his truck and went to the break room for coffee.When I came out of my truck after stacking flowers, I observed an employee driving a large forklift into the trailer to bring out a pallet of flowers when the driver started to back out of the truck, I noticed the trailer moving away from the loading dock and the forklift driver was backing out of the trailer unaware she was going to back off the trailer and suffer serious injury or death. I started screaming at the top of my voice for the driver to stop, the driver heard me about 2 feet from falling of the trailer. This dangerous situation was not over yet, the truck was heading for the public road around, there was plenty of traffic on that road today. Then jumped off the loading dock and ran towards tractor cab; luckily the door was NOT locked. Once I got into the cab, I engaged the Parking Brake and Trailer Emergency Brakes. The truck stopped inches from the road's edge. A certain tragedy was averted and l was not injured jumping from the dock deck or did not fall under the trucks wheels. The two FedEx Managers on duty didn't say a word to me after this serious incident. I was supposed to be on dinner break after I parked at the loading dock, I wasn't required to help unload my flowers, it was a miracle I was there to prevent a tragedy from happening. When I returned to Fort Lauderdale, ONE of several Managers said anything to me about I did at Miami Ramp. They were aware that I had been trying to Wheel Chocks FedEx in South Florida. I did send an email to Safety Specialist after I returned to FLL. On October 1, 2003 I received an OVERNIGHT LETTER from VP of AGFS Southern Region Glenn Sessoms, he had just replaced VP Shannon Brown a few days before the runaway truck at Miami Ramp. I thought the Letter was a BRAVO ZULU or the Humanitarian Award for what I did. WRONG!!!! Glenn Sessoms said that, as he expected, all my safety concerns had been addressed by FLLRT. He also said he expected me to show respect to the parties H.R. Rep., Safety Specialist, and SR. Manager. (I was disrespectful)He said, that the above parties at the July meeting wanted to know why I kept bringing up the same safety issues? Glenn Sessoms also said," I NEED YOU TO FOCUS ON YOUR JOB AND PRACTICE PERSONAL SAFETY METHODS.' If I had NOT prevented the Runaway Truck Disaster or had fallen under the truck wheels and been hurt. numerous people in FedEx would lose their jobs be sued, and face numerous fines by OSHA and other Federal and State Agencies. I wrote a letter to FedEx President after the Miami truck incident and didn't receive a GOOD JOB from President Bronzack. FedEx Lawyer, Virginia Connors responded to my letter to Mr. Bronzack, not even a honorable mention. In another letter she said, FLL Managers' denied my accusation that I was denied recognition award for what I did because of my reporting safety issues.She said that wheel chocks at all locations at South Florida locations,this is a BOLD FACE LIE! FedEx Lawyer Virginia Connors Professional Ethics and Integrity. The driver who didn't set the brakes on the runaway truck at Miami Ramp received The FedEx Humanitarian Award for helping a FedEx Driver remove packages from a burning van; he also was flown to Memphis to have dinner with President Bronzack and a check for $800.00. I never received a Good Job Letter from Scott Mugno or the GOLDEN Wheel Chock. The work becomes unbearable at times,stayed tuned. Thanks AllGov for posting my comments Gary Brent, Combat Vietnam Vet Letters of Commendation President George H.W. Bush's VP Campaign Pilot Rochester, New York 1979
Gary Brent 6 years ago
Chapter III FedEx Express Managing Director of Safety, Health, and Fire Prevention, Scott Mugno will Scott Mugno follow OSHA CFR's and protect FedEx Employee's Rights? The following incidents happened circa 1999 FedEx Express Fort Lauderdale Hollywood, during Scott Mugno's tenure as MD of Safety, Health, and Fire Protection. In 1999 I was selected to be FedEx Safety Coordinator by Memphis Safety Specialist, David Foster. I was sent to Texas for a 4 day Safety Training Course. Safety Specialist David Foster attended the FedEx Course with me. The course consisted of FedEx so-called operating procedures and nothing about Federal or State CRS's. When I returned to South Florida after Safety Training, I realized that FedEx Management wanted me to agree with them on any of their decisions. I realized I was going to be their "Yes Man." One day while I was walking through the FedEx Hollywood Trucking Lot, I noticed a common Carrier backing up to a warehouse parking spot; I notice that that propane cylinders were stored against the warehouse wall where the truck driver was backing in. If the driver continued backing in he was going to strike the propane cylinders, causing an explosion sending shrapnel flying everywhere. I was able to warn the driver of the propane cylinder hazard, I moved him to another parking spot. After this scare with the propane tanks, I reported this dangerous condition to our Senior Manager, Robert Behlert. Mr. Behlert had the building plans in his office and referred to them regarding the proper position of the propane cylinders. I mentioned that according to checking OSHA Regulations the propane cylinders must be stored in a location protected with poles that would prevent someone from striking them in a truck, tug, or car. Also the cylinders shall be stored in a caged rack with a lock and sun shield. After informing Mr. Behlert of the OSHA Storage Guide Lines, he told me, "The Hollywood Planning Commission approved the building plans, and the propane cylinders are safe where they are." I could not believe what I was hearing from a FedEx Senior Manager, his statement was typical FedEx, save on expenses, protect my bonus. After speaking to the SR. Manager, I called Safety Specialist, David Foster in Memphis and told him of my concerns about the storage of the propane tanks. Mr. Foster would look into the tanks, but never got back to me. After not hearing anything more from Mr. Foster, I called Fort Lauderdale OSHA and told the inspector about my concerns about the propane cylinders, he agreed with me. A few days after I spoke to the OSHA Inspector, while walking through the parking lot I noticed construction workers laying a cement pad with protective cement poles. I knew that FedEx wasn't going to spend the money on the proper storage regulations. The tanks were to be store on the grassy area away from any vehicle traffic. A few weeks after the construction of the propane storage pad, I was at the Fort Lauderdale Airport I ran into Safety Specialist David Foster and the first words out of his mouth were, " You sure did cause a whole lot of trouble for a whole lot of people." I knew that FedEx was not happy with me going to OSHA about the propane storage issue. I did not speak to Mr. Foster after our meeting at the airport. I resigned my Safety Coordinator position after this incident with Mr. Foster. I was still committed to a successful safety program even though I was no longer a member, I decided to write a letter to a SR. VP Ken May with my Safety concerns, Mr. May called me at my home to speak to me about my concerns. Mr. May really sounded concerned. A short time after my speaking to Mr. May, My FedEx Workgroup had a meeting with another VP, Tom Doherty. During Mr. Doherty's talk to my workgroup, he made the comment, "Someone is writing nasty letters to SR VP Ken May." After hearing this, I told Mr. Doherty that I was the one who wrote the letters to Mr. May. Mr. Doherty then said to me in front of FedEx Management and my peers, "You are too preoccupied with safety." I couldn't believe what I was hearing from a VP, FedEx motto them was Safety is #1. Mr. Doherty made another comment, "You inflexible and unbending." Another slanderous comment. I called SR VP Ken May and told him what Mr. Doherty said to me, Mr. May was not happy with Mr. Doherty's comments. Mr. May told me I could expect a call from Mr. Doherty. When I received the call from Mr. Doherty, the conversation started out civil and then Mr. Doherty started raising his voice at me; and that is when I told him that I was ending our conversation because of his disrespectful tone. This is FedEx's way of turning employees against other employees they are dissatisfied with. After this experience with FedEx Management from Memphis, I had an experience with FedEx Florida Management. When starting work one day, My Manager, Pat Fitzgibbon called me into his office and handed me a typed letter, he told me to just sign it without reading it. When I read it said that I was disrespectful and threatening to a FedEx Female Service Agent. The letter did not name the female service agent which is typical FedEx you are never given your accusers name. I told my Manager Fitzgibbon that I did not do what this letter accused me of and that I was not going to sign it. I asked him who my accuser was and he refused. It was quite obvious this agent worked in a office next to Mr. Fitzgibbon's office. I walked out of his office and asked the Service Agent if I ever spoke to her in a disrespectful manner. The Agent said in the presence of my Manager, "You're not the one." Mr. Fitzgibbon said nothing and I walked away. The next day I called OSHA and reported the incident to OSHA Inspector Clarence Kugler. Mr. Kugler started an investigation and determined that I was falsely accused by FedEx Management in Memphis and Fort Lauderdale of being disrespectful to a Female FedEx Service Agent. FedEx claimed to OSHA that they apologized to me, they did not apologize. I have the OSHA Letter saying I was FASELY accused of being disrespectful. For brevity I will save the Mother of all charges against me for the next installment. Scott "The Brain" Mugno MD of Safety, Health and Fire Protection at FedEx Express never contacted about my safety concerns. Scott "The Brain" Mugno is "SHILL" of Fred Smith/FedEx and Prez Trump
Gary Brent 6 years ago
I am the former FedEx Express Tractor Trailer Instructor and Safety Coordinator that was fired for reporting numerous Vehicle FMCS Regulations violations, OSHA Workplace Safety violations, and the dumping of hazardous waste into FedEx Property storm Drains. I have photos,falsified OSHA Inspection Reports, and Broward Co. Environmental Inspection Reports, these my pictures and inspection reports will prove my claims. The I found that the Fort Lauderdale Office of OSHA is one of the most corrupt Federal Agencies I have ever worked with; they should be investigated by the Federal Government. The OSHA Inspectors I dealt with in my Whistle Blower Case were totally remiss in doing their jobs. There is massive collusion between FedEx and OSHA. I reported the presence of Bird Droppings in the Hollywood,FL. warehouse to OSHA; this is a very serious health hazard according to OSHA CFR's. Prior to the OSHA Inspection, I photographed Bird Droppings over the warehouse floor areas, I have those today. When the OSHA Investigator conducted his inspection in his observation report, he stated that he did not observe any Bird Droppings, the OSHA Inspector falsified his inspection report. I made Fort Lauderdale OSHA office aware of the falsified report, they did nothing. I filed a second report with OSHA and when I came to work one afternoon I met a Mr. Rodgers from OSHA doing an inspection and there was plenty of Bird Droppings present for him to note, had I not spoken to the OSHA Inspector while he was there I believe his report would have stated that there were no Bird Droppings. I spoke to Mr. Rogers from OSHA asking him if FedEx was going to clean up the very toxic Bird Droppings, the inspector totally ignored me and walked away. The next day when I came to work I noticed that the Bird Droppings were some what cleaned up. I noticed deep gouges in the cement floors from being scraped up with a metal scrapper, this clean up procedure is not approved by NIOSH because the dry scrapping turns the Bird Droppings into dust causing a very dangerous condition, a wet method is the approved NIOSHA procedure. I also found out the Regal Cleanup people never were trained in this cleanup procedure they were not issued the required protective heap masks,or protective clothing. I saw Mr.Rodgers at FedEx after the clean up procedure. I voiced my concern about the lack of training and protective equipment to Mr. Rodgers. He claimed the cleaners used the WET Method to clean up the droppings, this was a falsehood, he walked away from visibly angry at me for questioning him. The Regal Cleaners were put in great peril because OSA and FedEx did not follow proper Clean Up procedures. This is typical FedEx and OSHA in Fort Lauderdale, FL. and this is criminal.I have been accused by FedEx and OSHA of not knowing what I am talking about. They are the ones that are breaking Federal Laws. When I came to FedEx in 1993 I brought years of valuable experience in, Safety Inspector in a Federally Inspected Meat Packing Plant, trained at Cornell University- Wegman's Food Makts., Airline Pilot, Cert. Flight Instructor, SEL MEL, Instrumnet, Aircraft Dispatcher Part 121, Hawaii,U.S.Coast Guard Merchant Marine Officer in Hawaiian Islands, Advance Instrument Ground Instructor - FAR Regulations Instructor.I Was also selected by FedEx to be a Safety Coordinator and Tractor Trailer Instructor. I have an extensive knowledge of FAR's, FMCS Regulations, OSHA CFR's, and HazMat Regs. I feel that I am more than qualified to report serious safety issues, and FMCSA Regs violations. Scott Mugno is not qualified to be Assistant OSHA Director. I hope to have my pictures posted soon on the internet.
Gary Brent 6 years ago
I am a former 19 year employee of FedEx Express. In 2012, I was terminated for some of the most outrageous allegations that FedEx could concoct. The reason I was terminated was because I was a Whistle Blower. Since 1999 I was reporting serious vehicle maintenance issues to FedEx Memphis and Florida DOT. I was criticized by Memphis Management for writing these safety issues and never heard from the FL. DOT.I wrote a letter to Scott Mugno in 2010 about serious safety problems at my FL. FedEx location, I never received a response from Mr. Mugo, I only response I received was from FedEx Management, and that was intimidation and threats. In 2012 FedEx Express started using FedEx Ground Trailers and they were in deplorable condition. I took over a 100 photos to support my claims, I have numerous copies of these photos. I reported these trailers to FedEx Express Management and they told me they could NOT repair FedEx Ground Trailers. I have FedEx Maintenance Documents that have been falsified by FedEx Maintenance. FedEx does NOT follow Federal Motor Carrier Regulations, this I can prove with photos and Maintenance Forms. I reported these maintenance issues to the Federal Motor Carrier Admin. in PA and TN and they told me I was wrong. I found out that the DOT, FMCSA,FL. DOT, OSHA, NTSB, all these Federal Agencies have colluded with FedEx Corp., and this I also can prove with my documents and pictures. I am responding to Mr. Mugno's OSHA nomination because that during his tenure as SR VP of Safety and Vehicle Maintenance I photographed FedEx Ground Trailers that did NOT meet FMCSA Safety Standards; my pictures tell a different story. As an Attorney Mr. Mugo should be familiar with the Americans With Disabilities Act of 1989. Apparently, Mr. Mugno wants to penalize employees with Hypertension, Obesity, and High cholesterol. Mr. Mugno is a "Shill" for Fred Smith and FedEx and will only serve FedEx and other large businesses. Mr. Mugno will not protect the American Worker. He does not deserve a yes confirmation from the U>S> Senate.

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