When the President of the U.S. Visits…India Edition

Thursday, January 22, 2015
Barack Obama and Narendra Modi

A seven-layer security ring is planned during India’s Republic Day parade with the chief guest being U.S. President Barack Obama. The Indian capital of Delhi has already turned into a fortress, with a key road being sealed off a week in advance.


The home ministry has moved into overdrive, with security agencies finalizing plans for Obama's protection in Delhi. The U.S. president arrives on January 25 to attend the parade in Delhi and to visit Agra and Varanasi.


According to PTI, a multi-agency control room will monitor the surveillance operations in every area of the capital. The city has been put on the highest alert because of the upcoming visit, although there is no specific intelligence about a possible terror strike.


American Secret Service personnel, who have landed in Delhi and Agra, have already conducted a preliminary survey of the routes to be taken by the U.S. president. The ITC Maurya hotel, where Obama will be staying, has been taken over by Secret Service personnel and a multi-frequency control room manned by the U.S. officials has been set up.


15,000 CCTVs have also been installed across the capital, and American security personnel will be part of the teams manning the control rooms set up to monitor this footage.


While viewing the annual parade on Rajpath boulevard, Obama will be seated with President Pranab Mukherjee, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and members of India’s political elite, as well as several thousand members of the public.


U.S. and Indian security agencies are taking extra precautions as Obama will be on an open air platform for more than two hours while watching the Republic Day parade. A bulletproof shield may be put up around the VVIP (Very Very Important Persons) enclosure.


According to PTI, there is a possibility that the chief guest, for the first time, will arrive at the venue separately, rather than with the Indian president, in his bulletproof limousine. If Obama does come with President Mukherjee, he will be possibly the first U.S. president not to travel in his own highly-secured “Beast.”


Unlike in previous years, access to Rajpath was already closed a week in advance, while roads crisscrossing Rajpath, such as Rafi Marg, Janpath and Man Singh Road, will be closed to the general public a day or two before January 26.


Metro stations and offices around Rajpath were taken over 72 hours in advance at the request of the U.S. security personnel. Snipers will take up positions at vantage points, while the Indian Air Force (IAF) will provide air cover to the parade area and the VVIPs on the ground.


Central Security agencies have brought in their Concealed Anti-Terrorists (CAT) squads to carry out surprise checks at hotels, guesthouses and sensitive areas.


Apart from the 80,000-member strong Delhi Police, an additional 20,000 paramilitary personnel and armed police forces have been brought in from neighboring states to ensure security in the capital.


However, India has reportedly turned down a suggestion by Obama's security teams that a 5-kilometer “no-fly zone” be imposed around Rajpath during the parade. A no-fly zone would have led to the customary fly-past by IAF being cancelled.


“The U.S. team was told that this was simply not possible," a source told The Times of India.

Nevertheless, to reassure the guests, anti-aircraft guns have been placed at strategic locations to prevent any attempt to violate the air space over the venue.

-Karan Singh


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