Chevron Lobbyist Lands Job with House Science Committee

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

House Republicans who oversee key scientific matters have hired a lobbyist from one of the nation’s leading oil corporations to serve as a key adviser.


The House Science Committee, led by pro-oil Representative Lamar Smith (R-Texas), has brought aboard Stephen Sayle, who lobbied for Chevron, as a senior staff member.


During much of 2013, Sayle led the lobbying firm Dow Lohnes Government Strategies (now Cooley LLP), which was on retainer with Chevron for $320,000 a year, according to Republic Report.


In this capacity, Sayle promoted Chevron’s positions on regulations governing clean pollution, ozone emissions and oil and gas development.


Sayle reportedly earned at least half a million dollars serving as a Chevron lobbyist before moving to Capitol Hill.


He joins a committee that has worked to discredit evidence showing global warming has been caused by humans, as well as other scientific work linking air pollution with disease.

-Noel Brinkerhoff


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RICHARD 8 years ago
Just another greedy corporate puppet.Can there be any doubt as to whom Lamar Smith gives his localities. The group of Texas Billionaires have been using these politician puppets for years to get their way. Appointing corporate lobbies in this and other high court positions is a grave mistake and a sell out of the American people.These people have already set science and it's advancement back by at least 50 years. Likewise wholesale empowerment to law enforcement. These persons in law enforcement, along with the politicians who put them there,all along the border should be tried for human rights violations.These are the very ones who are responsible for bringing our nation down.

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