Iowa Republicans Introduce Bill Criminalizing “Murder” of Zygotes

Saturday, February 09, 2013

A group of Republicans in the Iowa legislature want to define abortion as murder, with no exceptions.


GOP Representative Rob Bacon and eight other Republicans introduced legislation that would amend the definition of a person in murder cases to “an individual human being, without regard to age of development, from the moment of conception, when a zygote is formed, until natural death.”


The term “zygote” refers to a cell that is created when a sperm fertilizes an egg.


“It’s to protect the life of the unborn,” Bacon told the Ames Tribune. “There’s still some of us that believe life begins at conception.”


Under the bill, those charged with murder would include a woman who takes medication to induce an abortion or a doctor who performs the procedure. It also grants no exceptions for rape, incest or to protect the life of the mother.


Pro-choice legislators were taken aback by the proposal.


“We’re talking about the victim of rape would go to prison along with her rapist,” Representative Beth Wessel-Kroeschell (D) said. “It’s very hard to understand the feeling behind it. It’s a health care issue, I mean, sometimes in order to save someone’s life a woman could possibly need an abortion. When we talk about being pro-life, my new question is ‘whose life?’”


Bacon admitted that his bill has little chance of passing the legislature and becoming law.

-Noel Brinkerhoff


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Rob 7 years ago
So let me get this right you want to protect a zygote but the Women has NOT right to choose. What is a Zygote? It is a small cell that turns in to a baby over 9 Months. In that time between the sperm hitting the egg a women could have a period would she be go to jail for murder? A ZYGOTE CANT FEEL OR THINK OR DO ANYTHING!!! let the women have a choose on what happens in here body and to her life.
Molly 7 years ago
YES! Protect our unborn babies both girls and boys! Protect our moms and let them know there is help to get you through your pregnancy! Women can be mothers and still become successful women. The ultimate feminist idea is that a child will hold a woman back! The small percentage of women who are raped and become pregnant - you did not deserve to be violated but do not commit a similar violent act by killing the baby growing and living inside you! That baby is just as much a victim and also the proof you need to put your rapist behind bars. And finally, Mom's who are risking their life for your baby - You are truly the worlds greatest mom for giving your baby a fighting chance and protecting your child even from themselves! You are strong and amazing and you are way better than the cop out provided by abortionists to kill your baby for someone else's sake! THANK YOU IOWA!!!

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