Wells Fargo and a Foreclosure Suicide

Thursday, May 17, 2012
Norman and Oriane Rousseau’s American dream of owning a home turned into a tragic nightmare involving Wells Fargo.
In 2000, the Rousseaus purchased a home in Newbury Park, California, putting down 30%—their life savings. Six years later, they refinanced their home at the urging of Wells Fargo officials who insisted they would be paying less per month at a lower interest rate.
Despite the fact that this was not a fixed-interest loan, which is what they had wanted, things were fine until the bank claimed in 2009 that the couple missed a mortgage payment. The Rousseaus presented proof they had made the payment with a cashier’s check, but Wells Fargo insisted the money was still owed. This mistake set off a series of fees and problems that resulted in foreclosure proceedings.
The couple fought the bank’s attempt to evict them from their house, even filing a lawsuit, but on Mother’s Day, a few days before being kicked out, Norman Rousseau reportedly gave up and shot himself. Her husband’s death won Oriane Rousseau a delay in the eviction, but she could no longer bear to live in the home.
-Noel Brinkerhoff, Vicki Baker
To Learn More:
Wells Fargo Lawsuit (Superior Court of California)



Jenovadark 12 years ago
having been through a situation similar to the rousseau's (except i was fortunate enough that it was my car instead of my home), i wondered how many people have been through the same situation. how many people have felt the same painfully unjust feeling of being financially raped by banks? how many people feel alone and abused? we need to speak up and share our stories with one another. we need to bring out the best in our community and stand up to these banks through unity. this is for you mr. and mrs. rousseau:please share your predatory bank story here: https://www.facebook.com/gocreditunion

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