Most Dangerous Jobs…Fishing and Logging Workers

Saturday, November 26, 2011
Gloucester, Massachusetts (photo: Howard Stanbury)
Being a cop may seem like dangerous work, but it’s not nearly as fatal as those who catch fish. The profession with the highest rate of fatalities last year was fishermen, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. After that it was loggers; aircraft pilots and flight engineers; farmers and ranchers; mining machines operators; roofers; garbage collectors; commercial drivers and truck drivers; heavy machine installers and repairers; and then, finally, in tenth place, police and sheriff’s patrol officers.
-Noel Brinkerhoff

Number of Fatal Work Injuries, 1992–2010 (Bureau of Labor Statistics, last page) (pdf) 


anonymouse 9 years ago
convenience store clerks used to rank high on this list. that they no longer do reflects the decades-long decline in violent crime in this country. the risks of policing and firefighting have always been overstated. but, hey, that's what a union's for.

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