JPMorgan Takes over Finances for Kentucky State Government

Saturday, August 06, 2011
The bank that played a major role inflating the house bubble, and consequently helped cripple Wall Street in 2008, has become the state bank of Kentucky.
Name the financial transaction and JPMorgan Chase is now in charge of it: deposits, payroll checks, disbursing federal monies and more. Kentucky’s state government handles $12 billion to $15 billion a year, and JPMorgan will have its fingers on all of it.
In return the bank will be paid $1.3 million in state fees.
Kentuckians can only hope their government’s partnering with JPMorgan Chase won’t backfire like it did in Alabama, where a complicated bond-financing scheme crafted by the bank for a new sewer treatment plant crippled Jefferson County and left it teetering on bankruptcy.
-Noel Brinkerhoff
On! On! JP State (by Danny Mayer, North of Center)


Jeff 12 years ago
you got to be fcking kidding me? jp morgan just robbed mf global and they will do the same to kentucky somd day. who sold us out to morgan?
Trebor 12 years ago
maybe we can all get a banker to finance us and in return they can drive us into bankruptcy. oh wait that is already happening-nevermind!

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