9/11 Survivors Lawsuit against United Airlines Given Go-Ahead

Monday, August 01, 2011
Mark Bavis
In the 10 years since the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, thousands of survivors have settled their lawsuits against the airlines and other parties, and collected awards totaling billions of dollars. But one family has held out so it can have its day in court, and that time is finally approaching.
The plaintiff is the mother of Mark Bavis, one of the passengers aboard United Airlines Flight 175, the second plane to strike the World Trade Center. She is suing United and Huntleigh USA, the security company that screened passengers at Logan International in Boston, where the flight originated.
Bavis’ family contends that he and the other passengers would not have died had United and Huntleigh done their jobs and thus thwarted the hijackers who flew the airliner into the South Tower.
They blame United for ignoring government warnings about terrorist threats and Huntleigh for inadequate screening of passengers.
Her attorneys intend to portray the last minutes of the flight as sheer terror, based on phone calls made by other passengers. In a pretrial motion United’s legal team tried to keep Bavis from pursuing pain-and-suffering damages for the last moments of her son’s life. But a federal judge, Alvin Hellerstein, ruled this week that he is inclined to allow the trial’s jury to formulate an amount for such damages.
The wrongful-death case is expected to go to trial in November.
-Noel Brinkerhoff
NY Judge Releases Mass. Agency from 9/11 Lawsuit (by Larry Neumeister, Associated Press)


A Naqvi 12 years ago
there were no "suicide" pilots on those september 11 jets. the jets were controlled by advanced robotics and remote-control technology, not hijackers. fantastic? before i explain, read about the history-making robot/remote-controlled jet plane. global hawk: now you have it ... the northrop grumman global hawk is a robotized american military jet that has a wingspan of a boeing 737. the excerpts below were taken from an article entitled: "robot plane flies pacific unmanned," which appeared in the april 24, 2001 edition of britain's international television news : "the aircraft essentially flies itself, right from takeoff, right through to landing, and even taxiing off the runway," according to the australian global hawk manager rod smith. here is an excerpt from that article: also check 41 counter-terrorism and intelligence agency veterans challenge 9/11 [editor's note: here's a web site that is making a difference] 18 may 2009, patriotsquestion911.com, alan miller http://patriotsquestion911.com/counterterrorism_veterans.pdf
Jeannon Kralj 12 years ago
i am glad the "mother of mark bavis" (doesn't his person have a name?) is filing a law suit but all of the information about the planes and flights and passengers on 9-11 have been giant lies. read book by dean hartwell - "facts talk but the guilty walk." http://deanhartwell.weebly.com/books-by-dean.html "part two is the entire book "planes without passengers: the faked hijackings of 9/11." hartwell gives a compelling hypothesis, backed by fact and circumstantial evidence, that the plotters used planes and passengers as props to simulate hijackings and to misdirect the investigation. " ""the assumption of flight 11 led to the assumption of a hijacking, in which terrorists flew this plane (and others) into targets to kill passengers and destroy property. the assumptions right from the beginning conveniently absolved anyone on the inside (government officials and agents) from any wrongdoing. and, after hearing repeatedly in the media about the flights with their numbers and details about alleged passengers, few people were willing to question any of it. there never was a commercial american flight 11 on that day. instead, as i point out in part two, planes without passengers: the faked hijackings of 9/11, a passengerless flight took off from boston that morning and became identified as flight 11 on the screens. the real flight 11 was grounded, hidden in some hanger and available for use for fake airphone calls. the same script was used for the other three planes to complete what became the official version of events. the gist of the story is simple: bin laden’s people hijacked the planes, all of the passengers are dead and no one in our government knew about it ahead of time or had anything to do with it..."

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