Ambassador to Yemen: Who Is Gerald Feierstein?

Saturday, February 19, 2011
Gerald M. Feierstein, who has counterterrorism experience, assumed the position of U.S. Ambassador to Yemen, one of the centers of the U.S. counterterror effort, on September 17, 2010.
Born in Philadelphia, Feierstein earned his B.A. in Philosophy from Point Park College in Pittsburgh, and his M.A. in International Relations from Duquesne University, also in Pittsburgh.
In June 1975, Feierstein joined the Foreign Service as Director of the Office of Regional Affairs in the Near East Bureau. He subsequently served as Director of the Office of Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh Affairs; Deputy Director in the Office of Arabian Peninsula Affairs; and Desk Officer for Nepal, Pakistan and Egypt.
Feierstein served at seven overseas posts: Islamabad, Pakistan (1976-78); Tunis, Tunisia (1983-1985); Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (1985-1987); Peshawar, Pakistan (1989-1992); Muscat, Oman (1995-1998), where he was chargé d’affaires; Jerusalem, Israel (1998-2001), as deputy consul general; and Beirut, Lebanon (2003-2004). Between 2006 and 2008, Feierstein served in Washington as Principal Deputy Assistant Coordinator and Deputy Assistant Coordinator for Programs in the Office of the Coordinator for Counterterrorism. In 2008, he returned to Islamabad as Deputy Chief of Mission until he was confirmed as Ambassador to Yemen.
Feierstein and his wife Mary have three children: Adam, Annie, and Sara.
                                                                                                -Danny Biederman


Ahmed 7 years ago
am really sad on how much less us is caring to keep at lanes or spare part of its foreign uglyness on human rights laws and the ethic to promoting full confirmation to international laws when its comes to south yemen self state.its clearly known at large not only on its tatical vocablary of al-qaida to skipping south yemen people rights but the death machine is getting on road to play the remaining parts of the tatical image to for media projection.?that plaster will ever remain on your face and your nations democratic stories.

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