American Who Killed 2 Pakistanis…What was His Job in Pakistan?

Thursday, February 10, 2011
Raymond Davis taken into custody in Pakistan
Pakistan’s populace is enraged over the killing of two citizens by an American whose real purpose for being in the country has come into question.
On January 27, Raymond Davis, 36, was arrested by Pakistani police after he shot two men who allegedly tried to rob him while he was driving through Lahore. Local authorities say Davis was found to be carrying a Glock handgun, a flashlight attached to a headband, a pocket telescope, three cell phones, facial disguises and multiple ID cards.
One identification card reportedly showed that he worked for an American defense contractor. Another card indicated he was attached to the consulate in Peshawar, which contradicted an American Embassy statement saying Davis worked at the Lahore consulate.
Davis and U.S. diplomats have claimed he’s an employee of a U.S. security company called Hyperion Protective Services that he and his wife created, which supposedly is located in either Arizona or Nevada,.
More recently, State Department officials said that Davis was a member of the “technical and administrative staff” at the U.S. Embassy in Islamabad.
Adding to the controversy is the post-mortem examination that stated the two dead men were each shot in the back as well as the front, which raises doubts about Davis’ story that he was defending himself. Other media reports from Pakistan say that Davis shot the men through his windshield, got out of his car, shot them again and then photographed their bodies with a digital camera.
The two dead Pakistanis, Faizan Haider and Muhammad Fahim, were also carrying guns and multiple stolen cell phones, leading to speculation that the incident was actually a shootout between spies. In fact, other reports in Pakistan have implied that Haider and Fahim were agents of the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), the Pakistani intelligence agency.
The Obama administration’s position is that Davis is protected by diplomatic immunity and should be released from police custody so that he can return to the American Consulate in Lahore.
The story is further complicated by the killing of a third Pakistani, an innocent bystander who was riding his motor bike when he was run over by a car from the U.S. consulate that was allegedly racing to the scene to help Davis.
-Noel Brinkerhoff, David Wallechinsky
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Abdul 13 years ago
Raymond Davis is a ruthless and brutal American terrorist who had murdered two innocent Pakistani men in cold blood. Raymond Davis claims falsely that it was self-defence but we all know that he is presenting false information with the intention of deceiving people of Pakistan, USA etc. The undeniable fact is the victims were shot to death from behind and the witnesses say that the victims did not aim at the murderer. In fact they did not touch their guns. The victims were the secret agents of Pakistani intelligence and they were monitoring Raymond Davis who was spying on Pakistan when the American terrorist murdered them in cold blood. This horrible murder caused the death of an innocent Pakistani woman who was the wife of one of the victims. The murderer's American acommplices also murdered a Pakistani man in cold blood on the same day. These horrible murders simply reflect the terrorist, sadistic, immoral and barbaric the US regime that is terrorizing Muslim countries and mass murdering innocent Muslims. Dr. Aafia is just one of the countless Muslims who are being framed, tortured and imprisoned by the terrorist US regime. May Allah destroy the US regime and the Israeli regime of terror for they are terrorizing the world now.
Hermoon Gill 13 years ago
There are many unknowns about Davis. The first being his very name.Various reports indicate he traveled to Pakistan with a fake name,a common tool for most spies.While driving through the congested streets of old Lahore,an area of little or no interest to Americans,Davis was found to be carrying an unlicensed gun and other equipment like a wireless set,a digital camera etc. Thirdly being a consulate employee,Davis enjoys only limited immunity. Pakistanis are outraged.While several Pakistanis in US are facing life imprisonment even though not a single American was killed(Afia Siddiqui and Faisal Shahzad).Davis who killed 2 Pakistani citizens in broad daylight and was indirectly involved in the killing of third,the State Department wants him to be released 'immediately'.What a double standard.

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