Home Depot to Employees: Don’t Sit Down

Wednesday, December 29, 2010
(photo: Dave Kovar)
An appeals court has cleared the way for a lawsuit to proceed against Home Depot, which is accused of not providing seats for employees despite having available space to do so. The litigation was brought by Devon Harris and Lawrence Winston, cashiers who insisted that they should be allowed to sit down while checking out customers at the cash register.
The case echoes another one against 99¢ Only Stores. The latter case contends that not making seating available is a violation of the labor code, which requires such accommodations if the nature of the work reasonably permits it or when employees are taking a break.
-Noel Brinkerhoff
Home Depot v. Superior Court (Court of Appeal, Second District, California)
Devon Harris and Lawrence Winston v. Home Depot (Superior Court, Los Angeles County) (pdf)


Manager 13 years ago
Sitting equals laziness and poor customer service
lili 13 years ago
Dear Devon Harris and Lawrence Winston, may whatever deity you believe in bless you for trying to make life a little less miserable for all those working in harsh and stupid conditions just so that they are made to feel completely subjugates to nasty corporations.

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