Loser of Romanian Election Claims He was Defeated by Negative Energy Waves

Monday, January 25, 2010
Aliodor Manolea; Professional evil eye?

Mircea Geoana, candidate for president of Romania and former Romanian ambassador to the United States, has accused his rival, incumbent Traian Basescu, of employing a parapsychologist who directed a “negative energy attack” against Geoana. Geoana narrowly lost a runoff to Basescu in early December. Shortly after the election, he went public with his claim that he lost the race because the energy attack caused him to perform poorly during a debate just before the runoff. Many Romanians dismissed Geoana’s assertion—until photos surfaced showing the parapsychologist, Aliodor Manolea, in Basescu’s entourage just prior to the debate. Others have accused Geoana himself of using Manolea and his powers during the 2007 election for the European Parliament.

Superstitions and fear of the paranormal have surfaced before with Romanian politicians. The country’s late dictator, Nicolae Ceausescu, once abolished psychology departments and banned the word “psychology” from the official dictionary, out of fear of the profession. Ceausescu also tried to purge all practitioners of transcendental meditation from the government.
-Noel Brinkerhoff
Zap! Was Romanian Election Loser Victim Of Occult? (By Alison Mutler and George Jahn, Associated Press)


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