Elementary School Shut by Plastics Factory Pollution Seeks Damages

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

School officials in Addyston, Ohio, are suing a foreign-owned plastics company over cancer-causing air pollution from a local factory that forced the closure of an elementary school four years ago. Meredith Hitchens Elementary was shuttered in 2005 after complaints arose about foul smells coming from the plant located only 300 feet from the school. Attorneys representing Three Rivers Local School District say testing revealed the presence of the carcinogens butadiene and acrylonitrile at levels exceeding U.S. Environmental Protection Agency standards. In fact, the state EPA determined that the cancer risk at the school was 50 times higher than normal. The defendants in the case are both the current (Ineos Abs USA Corp.) and former (Lanxess Corp.) owners of the factory. Ineos is a joint venture between Lanxess, a subsidiary whose parent company is based in Germany, and Ineos Group of the United Kingdom.

-Noel Brinkerhoff
Three Rivers Sues over Pollution (by Denise Smith Amos, Cincinnati Enquirer)
Public School Closed by Factory's Pollution (by Melissa Thomas, Courthouse News Service)
Three Rivers vs. Ineos Abs USA Corp. (Court of Common Pleas Hamilton County Ohio) (PDF)
'Weird' Smell Set Off Probe at Ohio School (by Blake Morrison, USA Today)


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