Can North Korea Really Strike Hawaii?

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Regardless of the public declarations by Defense Secretary Robert Gates that the Obama administration will bolster defenses to protect Hawaii from a possible North Korean missile launch on July 4, the United States has nothing to worry about. North Korea has more than a thousand missiles in its military arsenal, but none of them can travel the distance required to strike Hawaii. It is 4,500 miles from Pyongyang to Honolulu, and North Korea’s “best” missile (Taepondong-2) can travel 3,700 miles. That’s assuming it doesn’t blow up again. Twice, North Korea has unsuccessfully tried to launch its Taepondong-2, only to be disappointed.

Even if the impoverished, saber-rattling regime manages to develop a missile capable of flying across the Pacific without falling apart, it has not yet demonstrated any technical capability to put a nuclear warhead on a long-range missile, experts say.
-Noel Brinkerhoff
Pearl Harbor, Part II? (by John Feffer, Foreign Policy in Focus)


rosco 11 years ago
Whitehead. You sir are a moron!
michael whitehead 14 years ago
Hawaii a faint ! It has no strategic importance . N. Korea has submarines bought from Soviet Union upon it's break up eight teen years ago . They have had plenty of time to outfit them with missile launching tubes and train crews . In order to launch a blue water navy and project power into the Pacific the U.S. needs deep water ports . There are only six deep water ports on the west coast of North America . L.A. , San Diego , San Francisco , Seattle Tacoma , Vancouver , and Prince Rupert . With these gone the U.S. will fall into chaos . There will be murder in the streets all across the country for food under nuclear fall out that travels from west to east with the weather . George Bush knows this which is why he took steps last year to decentralize the federal government in the event of a nuclear strike . N. Korea will use two subs standing off the two hundred mile limit in international waters . One with three nukes for northern cities . One with three nukes for the southern cities . Fifteen minutes and it will all be over . N.KOREA IS A CLIENT STATE OF CHINA. China will fill the power vacuum . Taiwan will capitulate immediately . China has demonstrated that it can knock down American military satellites and will do so . American military internet will be hacked , blinding the military as was demonstrated last year from S. Korea . The U.S. can retaliate if it wants to blow up some rice paddies . So what ! If they do it will only blanket Japan with radiation . China needs room . Australia can't defend itself and will be China's bread basket . Look for China to make a run on the American dollar before hand. There is only one way out ! Maybe ! But I don't think it will work . That is to threaten China with nuclear annihilation should events come to pass . Who are the only people who have nuked anyone ? Canada and the U.S. ! We have no moral standing and can not cry foul . This must needs be , in order to save the planet from American consumption . P.S. I have no money . Please send me air fare to South America , for me and my girl friend . She doesn't believe me , no one does . but she won't turn down a trip to Rio . yours truly Michael Whitehead Apt 3 118 Main St. Vancouver B.C Canada V6A 2S3 Ground Zero

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