White House Biotechnology Blueprint Criticized for Ignoring Regulation

Thursday, May 03, 2012
(book by Tom Abate)
The Obama administration has crafted a master plan for biotechnology that emphasizes economic opportunities while ignoring sufficient regulation of the industry.
The National Bioeconomy Blueprint, released by the White House, is part of the Obama administration’s shift from dependence on fossil fuels to a “green” economy. However, critics say that the blueprint focuses almost solely on economic concerns, and does not properly address social issues, the environment or risk assessment.
Eric Hoffman, with Friends of the Earth, said his environmental organization was “disappointed” with the report. “This report largely seems to be an endorsement for the biotechnology industry to rush ahead without any real oversight,” he told Inter Press Service.
Biotech companies, such as oil companies and seed producers, and among those that stand to gain the most from the blueprint’s policies.
Only one of the five main strategies offered in the document mentions the environment, and even then, the Obama administration wants to make sure the regulatory process doesn’t impede biotech products from reaching the market.
-Noel Brinkerhoff
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