McDonald’s Employee Arrested after Complaining to Company President about Low Wages

Friday, October 11, 2013
Nancy Salgado (photo: Real News)

After working for McDonald’s for a decade, Nancy Salgado of Chicago was struggling to care for herself and her two children on $8.25 an hour. So she confronted the fast-food chain’s president during a speaking engagement to inform him of her plight.


Her complaining landed Salgado in jail, and left her wondering what other retaliation awaits her.


“It’s really hard for me to feed my two kids and struggle day to day,” Salgado shouted at McDonald’s USA President Jeff Stratton while he spoke to the Union League Club of Chicago. “Do you think this is fair, that I have to be making $8.25 when I’ve worked for McDonald’s for ten years?”


Stratton responded by saying: “I’ve been there for forty years.”


The 26-year-old single mother continued to engage Stratton, telling him she needed a raise. “But you’re not helping your employees. How is this possible?” Salgado asked.


A short while later, police arrived and arrested Salgado for trespassing. She still has her job, but says her hours have been reduced since the confrontation.


She told The Real News that Stratton needed to know “what all the employees at McDonald’s are going through. We’re struggling day to day to provide our needs in our houses, things for our kids. And it’s just—it gets harder and harder with just the poverty wage they have us living in.”

-Noel Brinkerhoff


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Nail in the coffin 6 years ago
another nail in the coffin of our country. won't be long now with rampant corruption and narcissism.
Arthur 6 years ago
He's been there for 40 years? That's 4 times longer then her, so I guess he makes 4 times what she makes?

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