In 3 Years, Federal Spending has Dropped…1/20 of One Percent

Tuesday, August 27, 2013
(photo: Bill David Brooks, Flickr)

After six budget battles spanning two and a half years, Republicans in Congress, with help from some Democrats, have managed to trim about $2 billion in spending.


Now, $2 billion is no small amount of money. But, considering that total expenditures by the federal government only went down from $3.457 trillion in 2010 to $3.455 trillion today, the reduction isn’t all that much.


Another way to look at it is this: federal spending fell by only 1/20 of 1%.


“For all the brave talk, one single fact has trumped all this great rhetoric. Most of the people who came in saying, ‘We’re going to change Washington,’ simply didn’t understand Washington,” Steve Bell, a longtime Republican staffer who now works at the Bipartisan Policy Center, told The Washington Post.


The budget battles aren’t over, however. Another one—the seventh—is looming, and if Republicans and Democrats can’t agree on a plan by October 1, a government shutdown could take place, followed by a possible national credit default, according to David A. Fahrenthold at the Post.

-Noel Brinkerhoff


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anonamouse 5 years ago
Thank god for deficit spending. If Uncle Sam were to suddenly become fiscally "responsible," our fragile economic recovery would be toast. (With the Fed poised to cut the QE, it may be toast anyway -- how do you like yours: slightly tan or burnt black and crispy?) And what's with the D-word in this article? The US government is not going to default unless interest rates go through the roof, like they did in the early '80s. And that's not going to happen again because QE is keeping rates low. Oh, wait ...

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