Blackwater, Changing Name Again, Wins Contract from State Department

Monday, October 04, 2010
Blackwater, the notorious private security firm that already tried to rebrand itself as Xe, has won a portion of a $10 billion contract with the State Department. But most people wouldn’t know this because it’s using a third name to avoid drawing attention to itself, and in the process avoid embarrassing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who promised on the campaign trail to stop doing business with the firm that has been accused of committing murder, contract fraud and other violations.
Eight private companies won a share of the State Department’s Worldwide Protective Services contract to guard embassies and U.S. personnel. The eight are DynCorp, Triple Canopy, EOD Technology, SOC, Aegis Defense Services, Global Strategies Group, Torres International Services and International Development Solutions LLC.
Huh. No Blackwater. No Xe.
But there is International Development Solutions, a joint venture Blackwater has with another company, Kaseman. One of Blackwater’s subdivisions, Blackwater Lodge and Training Center, changed its name to U.S. Training Center, and this entity is part of the International Development Solutions-Kaseman partnership.
-Noel Brinkerhoff


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