Bank of America Wins Worst Bank Title; Credit Unions Customers Most Satisfied

Thursday, December 15, 2011
Thanks in part to its “wildly unpopular” debit-card fee idea, Bank of America now ranks last among major banks for customer satisfaction.
BofA’s score of 68 (on a scale of 0 to 100) put it dead last among major banks, according to The American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI).
“Stranded in last place for customer satisfaction, BoA faces unresolved revenue challenges after scrapping a wildly unpopular plan to impose new debit card fees,” wrote ACSI on its website.
Tied for first in customer satisfaction among large national banks (of which there are now only four) are Wells Fargo and Citigroup with scores of 73. Wells Fargo also came in first the last two years.
Neither of these institutions came close, however, to matching the positive ratings received by credit unions.
According to ACSI, “customers are more satisfied than ever before with credit unions,” with a collective score of 87—“the highest score ever reached by any of ACSI’s 47 industries. In just one year, credit unions have tripled their ACSI lead over banks.”
-Noel Brinkerhoff
Credit Unions Shatter Satisfaction Record (American Customer Satisfaction Index)

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Rob 7 years ago
this is one of the worst run banks in the world. just pull all of my accounts in boa and sold its stocks. compared to the service you get at a credit union, boa will be able to compete long term.
anthony 7 years ago
boa could not be worse. they don't notify you for anything and take their sweet time with everything. i deposited $15,000 for a car and my checks were returned to me a week later. i wish this bank would go under.
bill 7 years ago
i will never forgive bank of america for forcing me to close my credit card account. they gave me two choices; close my account and keep my interest rate until paid in full or continue to have use of the card and my interest rate will go from 7.99 to 24.00. i had never missed a payment and had always paid more than the minimum due!!! please god... curse all of boa's employees and ruin their company.

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