Airlines and Airport Security Agree to Pay $1.2 Billion for 9/11 Property Damages

Friday, April 15, 2011
American Airlines and United Airlines along with two airport security firms will have to pay a $1.2 billion settlement for damage caused to property during the September 11, 2001, attacks on the World Trade Center.
Approved by the Second Circuit Court of Appeals, the deal settles numerous property-damage lawsuits that were filed after the terrorist attacks involving American Airlines Flight 11 and United Air Lines Flight 175 struck Towers One and Two of the former World Trade Center.
The other two defendants in the case were Globe Airport Security, which screened passengers boarding American Flight 11 in Boston, and Huntleigh, which did the same for United Flight 175. Under the agreement, American Airlines and Globe will pay 60% of the damages and United and Huntleigh will pay the remaining 40%.
The plaintiffs in the case are the owners of the World Trade Center and numerous insurance companies. They had originally sought $4.4 billion from the airlines and security companies.
-Noel Brinkerhoff
Court Approves World Trade Center Settlement (by Jonathan Perlow, Courthouse News Service)
9/11 Property Damage Litigation (Second Circuit Court of Appeals) (pdf)


joebanana 13 years ago
it seems to me that the government had a duty to perform that day, and the day's leading to it. the complete and total failure, four separate times in one day by norad is unacceptable. there was absolutely no evidence that planes brought the towers down, the evidence was removed and destroyed. why isn't there a criminal investigation into everybody involved in the destruction of evidence? that just screams cover up. the evidence of the deaths of over 3000 american's, of an unprecedented building collapse, three of them, no less. the safety issues of future building codes that needed that evidence to prevent it from happening again, and to find the truth of why? it's insane that the total cost, or rather investment, in an investigation of events was only $400,000 and the investigation into bill clinton's legal, no deaths involved, affair was something like $6 million. along with the reams of missing testimony, the claims by the investigators the whole thing was a sham, some resigning, is all the proof necessary.

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