38 House Members Filtered Government Money to Relatives and Their Employers

Monday, March 26, 2012
Rep. Bill Young
Nearly 40 members of the House of Representatives earmarked $150 million to organizations affiliated with themselves and their family members from 2008 to 2010, according to a government watchdog organization.
Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) reported that although 24 of the earmarkers were Democrats and only 14 Republicans, the top five representatives who earmarked to organizations affiliated with them or their family members were all Republicans:
·       Kay Granger (R-Texas) earmarked $28.3 million to her son’s project. J.D. Granger is the executive director of the Trinity River Vision Authority.
·       Jerry Lewis (R-California) who earmarked a combined $25.5 million to three relatives’ organizations.
·       Bill Young (R-Florida) earmarked a combined $16.6 million to two sons’ employers. In 2008 he herded $4.4 million to defense contractor SAIC’s facility in St. Petersburg, Florida, where son Patrick is a security administrator. Another $8.5 million went to the National Forensic Science Technology Center, where son Billy is a senior consultant.
·       John Mica (R-Florida) earmarked $13 million to his daughter’s client. Mica has five relatives who work as lobbyists, two brothers, a son and a nephew. His daughter, D’Anne, ran a public relations firm whose client, the Central Commuter Rail, received the $13 million.
·       Michael Simpson (R-Idaho) earmarked $12.5 million to his wife’s employer, the Idaho National Laboratory.
In the case of Lewis, $500,000 was earmarked in 2008 for Barracks Row in Washington, DC. CREW stated that Lewis’ wife, Arlene Willis (who was paid $512,293 to work in her husband’s office between 2007 and 2010) “is a likely beneficiary of his earmark, since the improvements to Barracks Row will probably cause her $943,000 property four blocks away to rise in value.”
Also, Lewis earmarked $22.6 million for the Loma Linda University Medical Center, where the congressman’s brother, John Lewis, serves as the director of government relations.
-Noel Brinkerhoff, David Wallechinsky
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Family Affair (Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington) (pdf) 


nolongerfooled 8 years ago
typical progressive, what's that? i believe his list is of the top 5 public servants who have demonstrated the ability to maximize the dollar amount of their self serving public service, another point of which republicans can take pride of being better at. all joking aside, it appears to me that congress has become a millionaires club which serves the interests of the billionaires who still don't have enough. the notion that they can be voted out is totally absurd as the election process itself is big business, rife with corruption, protected by the courts, and beyond public scrutiny. as long as the majority of voters continue to sleep walk through the two party criminal class political nightmare the corporate communists have replaced democracy with, the nightmare will continue. the sooner americans realize that democracy cannot be restored within the current fascist state, the sooner the revolution will begin. live free or die!
Itchy Skepticles 8 years ago
not familiar with this site, but to hell with r's and d's alike when it comes to corruption. corruption among republicans allows liberals to play their moral equivalency game. idiots within the republican party who can't keep cronyism at bay during their political careers need to be s-canned. the dems have been able to skewer the r's for so long because republicans have purported to be "better" than the other side, rather than above-reproach. i was disgusted that bill clinton could not control himself while in office, and i'm pissed as well at republicans who betray the cause of constitutionally constrained government just to "wet their beaks" like the other guy, who "did it first" and/or "did it more". that said, can we please hear what the d's were up to in this study?
Roy 8 years ago
did you notice that these thieves are republicans...perfect argument that each and every incumbent should be voted out of office, republican and democrat, no exceptions, period. ask jdge. napolitano... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ow6mwmyhsps&feature=related
msbets 8 years ago
lmao, well if this is not a typical progressive reporter, only listed the republicans!!!!
azwayne 8 years ago
24 dems, 14 republicans, all i found were the republicans, is there a problem finishing the story??? pretty typical of dc. use facts where convenient.
jan 8 years ago
it is illegal for us, but not for them as they are above the laws normal citizens have to follow. the insider trading scandal was a perfect example. if you or i had done that, we would be prosecuted, but all congress had to do was pass a bill that they would not do it again. why would you need a bill to know that was unethical and illegal, and the same with these examples? but then look at obama and his cronies paying off large donors with the solyndra $500mm loan that the taxpayers are now eating. i guess "earmarks" are a perk of the job for the rulers of our country. remember this in november.
Robin 8 years ago
noel brinkerhoff and david wallechinsky: if you are going to tell this story you need to be fair and name the names of the democrats who funneled/earmarked government money to relatives/friends and give the recipients names too. it is typical that republicans are lambasted and the democrats' dirty little secrets get swept under the rug. i have news for you...we the people are going to be cleaning house in november..both parties are going to get major overhauls because we're sick and tired of getting the shaft. we're tired of the constitution and bill of rights being ignored by congressmen, senators, and the so-called commander and chief. we're taking our country back and restoring our constitution and anyone who can't get on board with that needs to look for a new job..if they can find one after the hatchet job obama has done on this country.
Norman Selby 8 years ago
these 40 thieves think that my money belongs to them ! such entitlement ! everyone should be brought before a judge and be forced to repay whatever is their largess-taking back to the general treasury of the people, not the congressmen - jerk ! before jail-time, they should be given 2 years of war-time experience on the front-line and eat rtems and drink from canteens with only a spoon as their solitary eating-tool. such ungrateful selfish turds - the lot of them !
margy huddleston 8 years ago
the real question, are they going to be prosecuted for the crimes? isn't it illegal to abuse position? how about some prison time? after all, they make sure to lock up those petty drug dealers forever.....

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