The Danger of Manufacturing Decline: Patrick J. Buchanan

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Writing in favor of the creation of a new industrial policy for the United States, Pat Buchanan cites some grim facts. “As a source of American jobs, manufacturing, for the first time in our history, fell below health care and education in 2001, below retail sales in 2002, below local government in 2006, below leisure and hospitality, i.e., restaurants and bars, in 2008.” Buchanan points out that Americans who deplore U.S. dependence on foreign regimes for oil should note that the nation’s trade deficit in manufactured goods is greater than its crude oil trade deficit. He advises that Americans “export more and import less, save more and spend less, produce more and consume less. We need to emulate the ants and behave less like the grasshoppers of summer.”

Metrics of National Decline (by Patrick J. Buchanan)


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