Russians Plan to Save Earth from Asteroid in 2036

Friday, January 01, 2010
Vladimir Putin prepares to save the world

Sounding like a character from the film Armageddon, Russia’s leading space official,

Anatoly Perminov, warned this week that action must be taken to keep an asteroid from striking the earth in 2036. Perminov said “lives are at stake” unless Russia and other nations band together to destroy the asteroid Apophis which will pass near the earth. He based his warning on the findings of an unnamed scientist. However, this view contradicts the assertions of experts at NASA who estimate the chances of Apophis striking our planet at 1 in 233,000. If it did manage to hit the earth, NASA officials say it would not destroy all life, but could kill millions.
-Noel Brinkerhoff


vi 13 years ago
what would you perfer a Natural Disaster or Nuclear War, take your pick. Its going to be one or the other, not unless the U.S leads by Example and Disarms. were fucked. Were are own Biggest Enemy.
Perambur Kumar 13 years ago
Yes I am also fear of that 2036 But I am designing my website and get my site in Top 10 of Google Search is my first dream
Jimmy Jupiter 13 years ago
New Clear data to me......... The rocket will explode in the stratosphere- causing everyone on planet earth to fry!!!!!!! I sure hope you shut that rocket off!!!!!! Rutt Roo Space cowboy- Cancer is on the rissssssssssseeeee.... Silly mONKEYS!!!!

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