Obama Administration Accuses China of Helping Iran Develop Nuclear Weapons

Tuesday, October 19, 2010
(graphic: Middle East Strategy at Harvard)
Officials in Washington are convinced that a number of Chinese banks and businesses are helping Iran develop its military and civilian nuclear programs. The Obama administration has been careful to emphasize that it is not accusing the Chinese government of involvement, but it is hard to imagine such important transactions taking place without the government’s being aware of them.
Last month, a delegation from the State Department visited China and handed over a list of companies and financial institutions believed to be violating United Nations sanctions intended to prevent the export of key technology to Iran for the development of missiles, nuclear reactors and warheads. The names on the list were not released to The Washington Post. American diplomats asked their Chinese counterparts to stop the illegal trade, while being careful not to push Beijing too far in order to not jeopardize China’s help on other key issues, like North Korea and international currency.
China obtains 8% of its oil supplies from Iran.
-Noel Brinkerhoff


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