Morsi Seizes Dictatorial Powers in Egypt

Saturday, November 24, 2012
Mohamed Morsi

In a move that may herald a return to authoritarianism, President Mohamed Morsi of Egypt decreed new powers for himself on Thursday that puts his decision-making out of the reach of the government’s high court.


Morsi, who has been in office less than five months, proclaimed that the Supreme Constitutional Court could no longer challenge his rulings, and ordered retrials of several top former officials, including ex-president Hosni Mubarak, who ruled as Egypt’s dictator for more than three decades.


The decree shocked many Egyptians, especially those who had hoped the fall of Mubarak would lead to democratic rule.


“Morsi today usurped all state powers & appointed himself Egypt’s new pharaoh,” wrote former liberal presidential candidate Mohamed ElBaradei on Twitter. ElBaradei added that the decree could prove to be “a major blow to the revolution” and “have dire consequences” for the nation.


Amr Hamzawy, a liberal member of the Parliament, which the high court dissolved before Morsi took office, wrote in an online commentary that the move amounted to “an absolute presidential tyranny.”


The Muslim Brotherhood, which backs Morsi, endorsed the decree and said it was necessary to preserve the country’s return to democracy.


Opposition leaders called for mass demonstrations to challenge Morsi’s action and thwart any attempt by him to become Egypt’s next dictator.

-Noel Brinkerhoff


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Robby 5 years ago
Nobody cares what's going on over there until they come knocking on our door. Which won't be at least until next Thursday.

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